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An Exhaustive List of the Best Kratom Vendors of 2023

There are hundreds of kratom companies out there that have entered the market over the last couple of years. Many don’t care about the plant and just want to make a quick buck. None of these companies on our list of best vendors are perfect, but they are all at least somewhat successful and reputable. 

We have done all the footwork for you. This guide will give you all the best vendors to buy from. We will go into detail about the product they sell so you can decide whether or not you want to try them out. In addition, we will give you tips on what you need to look for to get the highest-quality Kratom that the market offers. Some of these vendors offer exclusive strains that may pique your interest.

The-Best-Kratom-Vendors-by-Oasis Kratom

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is the largest kratom organization in America. The AKA was formed to ensure the safety of the kratom market. They have set GMP guidelines for vendors to comply with. While these standards are not mandatory, all vendors who wish to be endorsed by the AKA must comply. These standards ensure that the highest quality kratom is coming to market. Vendors must pass a third-party audit to become a part of this association. They will also have to conduct lab testing on their quality kratom products and follow GMP protocols.

In addition, the AKA also works with state officials to stop kratom bans. They are working hard to get all officials on board with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act; when looking for a top kratom vendor, you want to go with someone the AKA endorses.

Buying from an AKA registered vendor ensures you purchase a kratom product that complies with regulations. Safety is a massive concern in the kratom market, so buying from vendors who comply with GMP regulations is best. You will be getting the best that the market has to offer. Use this as a measuring point when seeking out the best vendors.

Tips For Finding The Best Kratom Vendors

You can buy Kratom locally or choose to go with an online vendor. There are some perks to buying your Kratom online. Most online vendors will offer Kratom at a better price than what you can buy locally. This is because they do not have to worry about utilities, rent, and other expenses that shopkeepers have to factor into the prices of their products.

Also, online vendors tend to have a larger variety of high-quality kratom strains for you to select from. This allows you to find a product that will suit your needs rather than settling for a strain offered.

When buying Kratom online, here are a few things you can do to find the best vendors.

  1. Reviews – Always check the vendor’s reviews on their website and with third-party platforms such as Yelp, Google, or Trust Pilot. This will give you an excellent inside look at the vendor’s interaction with other customers and what customers think about their products. Also, be aware many vendors use tactics such as making up fake reviews. This is why we say relying on a third-party platform rather than their website is a good idea. 
  2. American Kratom Association – You only want to purchase Kratom from vendors who have gone the extra mile to be associated with the AKA. This benchmark in the kratom world separates serious vendors from those who are just trying to make an extra dollar. The AKA has standards that vendors must comply with. This is so important!
  3. Communication – Once you have found a vendor you would like to purchase from, call them or email them with some queries. This will allow you to see how quickly they will get back to you. You may want to go with a different vendor if they take ages to respond.
  4. Lab Testing – You only want to go with vendors who conduct lab testing on their products. This proves the quality and purity of their Kratom. Since the industry is not highly regulated, you want to be sure you purchase safe Kratom.

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Best Kratom Vendors Approved By American Kratom Association

There are hundreds of kratom suppliers for you to choose from. However, not all of them are going to have good-quality Kratom. We recommend only buying from vendors endorsed by the American Kratom Association. Here we will list out all the vendors who the AKA has approved. This will give you a chance to get to know each and what they have to offer you!


1836 Kratom is all about the image. They take great pride in their marketing and labeling of products. They are a part of the AKA and do not directly sell products on their website. They offer powders, capsules, and extracts. They have a list of shops that offer their brand, so if you want to try them out, you will have to check out their list of vendors.

Amazing Botanicals

Amazing Botanicals doesn’t just sell Kratom. They have hemp-based CBD products available, as well as a bunch of other ethnobotanicals. This diversification doesn’t hurt their variety regarding Kratom, though. There are more selections available than some brands that just sell Kratom. Stop by their blog and catch up on the latest news. 

Atlas Kratom

Atlas Kratom is a unique vendor on this list because they do not have an online shop. They are a small shop located in Hollister, Missouri. It seems like they have built a pretty strong community of customers within that geographic area. If you are in this area, check out their products. 

Authentic Kratom

Authentic Kratom has been in business since 2013 and calls California home. They have over 4,000 customer reviews, which shows they are one of the most well-known brands in the industry. Their product selection is more extensive than most, specializing in crushed leaf and powdered Kratom. Don't forget to ask about their free samples. 

Canopy Botanicals

Canopy Botanicals is a small vendor based in North Carolina. It seems they switched domains back in 2019, which raises some concerns. This brand sells many other botanicals and botanical-based items other than Kratom. It seems as if their kratom offering is an afterthought.

Captain Kratom LA

As the name suggests, Captain Kratom LA is headquartered in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2006 when the founder returned from a trip to Thailand, during which he experienced Kratom. He built a business out of this life-changing experience. They don’t have an outstanding product selection, but they have some excellent feedback. As a member of the AKA, Captain Kratom LA conducts lab tests on their products. 


Choice Botanicals sells Maeng Da, Bali, and Borneo in powders, capsules, and extracts. You can get 30g for $17.99 and up to 1000 grams for $199.99. They offer bulk pricing on capsules. You can grab their jumbo pack of 1000 capsules for $239.99. Their products are highly acclaimed and geared to help save money.

Club 13

Club 13 was founded way back in 1999, which makes it one of the oldest vendors in the industry. They have a great product selection with near to 50 unique offerings. Strangely, though, a company that has been around as long as them is not affiliated with the American Kratom Association.

Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom has been a top-rated vendor over the last several years. They had a decent selection of strains and had some good feedback. Then, in November 2020, they ceased business operations without warning. No explanation was ever given. It is suspected the excellent feedback was faked and that this company was primarily a scam.


Chief Kratom specializes in kratom extracts. You will not find capsules or other products with this vendor. Also, they do not offer products directly through their website. So this means you can find them with other retailers online and locally. They have taken steps to be endorsed by the AKA, which means you get 100% all-natural Mitragyna speciosa when buying Chief Kratom. Their extracts come in 12 ml bottles, with a suggested retail price of $11.99. They conduct lab tests for heavy metals, contaminants, feces, and salmonella and sterilize products for consumer safety. This brand is known for its affordable prices. 


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals offers several different varieties of Kratom. This brand does lab tests on its products. You will also find kratom soap on their website. This is something unique that other vendors do not offer. So, if you want to try Kratom differently, you may consider purchasing from their website. They have taken the necessary steps to be endorsed by the AKA so that you will get high-quality Kratom. They also offer bulk powder, which is ideal for those looking to buy wholesale Kratom. The powder is offered in 2oz ($17), 4oz ($27), 9oz ($47), and 16oz ($77). Keep up on the latest kratom news by visiting their blog. 

Get Kratom

Get Kratom has been in the kratom game since 2007, which is a long time for this industry. One would think that a company that has been selling Kratom for so long would be approved by the American Kratom Association, but they aren’t. Their strain selection also leaves much to be desired, and few reviews sing their praises.

Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals, founded in 2017, is another brand that quickly made a solid name for itself. They started with a one-room operation in one of the founder’s basements and now have their dedicated processing facility. Be sure to visit their blog to read up on the latest news. This brand offers free shipping occasionally, so visit their website often. You will find many reviews from happy customers. 

Herbal Salvation

Herbal Salvation is unique from other brands because they get personal on their company page. You read it and see the pictures, making you feel like you know these people. They are a small-time family operation that has a big enough customer base to survive but has no interest in getting bigger.


Inland Botanicals offers Kratom and CBD. You will be able to grab powder for as low as $14.99. They do offer affordable bulk prices for those interested in wholesale. They have their products listed out by vein color. They also offer in-house blends that are not offered anywhere else. If you want to try something unique, you may try Inland Botanicals.

I Am Shaman

I Am Shaman has been in business since 2002. They are, first and foremost, a shop for alternative herbs and botanicals. They have over 100 other products available besides Kratom, for which they only have a few products available.


Kats Botanicals is a front leader in the kratom world. They take the time to educate their patrons and offer high-quality products. You will also find several other botanicals on their site, including elderberry, ashwagandha, and turmeric. Capsules are offered in 60 counts for $19.99 and 250 counts for $59.99. Kats Botanicals offers a variety, including Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, Hulu, and much more. For the latest news, be sure to check out their blog. Orders over $100 will earn free shipping. Kats Botanicals has been in the industry for a long time, and they are well known for customer satisfaction.  


King Kratom is another AKA registered vendor. Their powder comes in bags of 1oz ($23.99) or 4 oz ($71.99). You can get the capsules in 20 ($15.99), 60 ($39.99), or 120 ($63.99) count bottles. Again, they did not have a way of purchasing Kratom on their website, so we are guessing you will have to find this brand offered by other retailers. They have a contact form on their website, so you may contact them to find out how to order. Check out their products and let us know what you think. 


Kosta Kratom offers all the same great products you would find with other online kratom vendors. They are well known for their kratom shots which come in 30ml bottles. You can snag some powder in a 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz bag. It looks like they only offer their products to wholesalers, so you cannot get on their website and place a direct order.


Kratom Krates offers powders, capsules, and extracts. They also offer affordable wholesale prices to vendors looking to purchase kratom in bulk. They have various products to choose from, including Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Malay, and much more. On their site, you will find white, green, red, and yellow vein kratom. Grab powder in 50g for $20, 100g for $25, 250g for $45, 500g for $60, and 1000 grams for $90. Bulk pricing goes up to 10 kilograms for $600.


Kratom Kaps offers a variety of products, including Bali, Indo, Malay, and Maeng Da. Powder ranges between $7.99 (35g) to $17.99 (100g). Capsules will cost you $12.49 (45 caps) – to $19.99 (100 caps). At this time, it looks like Kratom Kaps only works with vendors. Their website was down at the time of us writing this blog. However, we read that they do not offer kratom to customers on their website. So, to try this brand, you must find a vendor who offers Kratom Kaps.

Kratom One

Kratom One was founded back in 2012. Their website and overall design are pretty minimalist in approach. There is not much information about who founded the company or why. Their selection of products is not impressive, with only 6 strains available. These products do have some good feedback, though.

Kratom Trading Company

Kratom Trading Company is one of the only veteran-owned vendors. The company was founded in 2013 by a veteran who wanted to bring his experience with kratom while in Southeast Asia to as many people as possible. The company is running like a small business. They have their customers that keep them in business but have no desire to grow any bigger. You can read the latest news by visiting their blog. 


Kratom Spot is all about kratom products. This site offers powders, leaves, capsules, shots, and extracts. Leaves are not found with all vendors, so if you are looking for this product, you may want to try Kratom Spot—prices for powder range from $14.99 to $169.99. Capsule pricing ranges between $15.99 to $129.99. They also offer wholesale, so this may be an option for you if you want to buy bulk kratom. Customers seem to be happy with their products and support. 

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom has been around since 2015, operating out of Oregon. Kraken is one of the most trusted and well-established suppliers in the industry. They are members of the Better Business Bureau and have close to 1000 customer reviews on Trustpilot. In terms of trust, Kraken has built up much of it with the kratom community. Kraken’s blog is filled with articles regarding the latest news in the kratom industry. Also, this brand offers free samples and free shipping. If you are looking for discounts, sign up for their newsletter. 

Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom is another brand focusing more on proprietary blends than pure kratom. The problem with blends is that it is virtually impossible to guarantee test results of the pure strains used in the blending process remain viable after the fact. The blend would have to be tested again after it is made, but it usually is not. Be sure to check out the free shipping they have available. 


Kratom-K was founded back in 2011. The founders were inspired to start the business after spending 10 years traveling throughout Southeast Asia and experiencing the kratom plant firsthand. They are not part of the American Kratom Association, though.

Kratom Virtue

Kratom Virtue has been in business since 2016. They don’t give much information about the founders or the story behind their brand on their website. Their products are limited to powder but have a decent array of vein varieties. While this company is not an approved vendor by the AKA, they match their customers’ AKA donations.

Kwik Kratom

Kwik Kratom launched back in 2014, and they were trendy for a couple of years. Then they shut down in 2016 and rebranded as Kwik Botanicals. Judging by their new website, it seems like they exited the kratom industry completely. They were linked with tainted supplies or false medical claims. So, do not expect to find any kratom products on their website. 


Laughing Lion Herbs specializes in its in-house kratom blends. You will find other items offered on their website, such as kava. Their prices vary, so you must check out their website to see what they offer. Overall, customers seem happy with the products and services they receive at Laughing Lion Herbs. They are well known for shipping their products quickly. 


Left Coast Kratom offers free samples. This is something you will not see very often in the kratom industry. You must spend $75 to qualify for a free sample. This allows you to try a different strain without having to buy it. Left Coast Kratom has some exclusions for your free sample, so be sure you understand what you must do to qualify. Left Coast Kratom products also vary in price, so you will have to check out their website to get the pricing on the strain that you are looking for.

Life Force Kratom

Life Force Kratom was founded in 2015. Their website is not as sleek and professional as some brands, which hurts them regarding first impressions. They do have a pretty good product selection, though. Several of the most popular varieties, as well as some rare ones, are available for sale.


MITRAGAIA was founded in 2015 and has since amassed over 20,000 followers on Facebook. This kratom vendor online seems to be pretty popular among the kratom community. One red flag is that they claim to be approved by the American Kratom Association, but this brand is not listed on the AKA website. They also seem to exaggerate the number of customer reviews they have received. Check out the discounts offered when you sign up for their newsletter. 

Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom doesn’t come off as a professional brand. Their website seems like it was designed by an amateur rather than a professional. They do seem to have some people who like their products, though, so they seem comfortable being a small-time vendor. If you want to learn more about kratom news, visit their blog. 

Mystic Island Kratom

Mystic Island Kratom takes a more light-hearted approach to a brand than most other vendors. In addition to many famous traditional products, this company sells its proprietary blends named after mythical creatures. Their prices are some of the lowest in the industry, so they are a choice for the customer concerned with value. If you are looking for affordable prices, this may be your vendor. 

Mmm Speciosa

Mmm Speciosa doesn’t make the best first impression with their web design. It looks very outdated. Their selection doesn’t have much variety, but they have decent enough feedback for the products that they do carry. 

Nature’s Home Remedy

Nature’s Home Remedy was founded in 2017. They are equal parts CBD and kratom vendors. It seems like they do not have as much selection as a vendor who specializes in Kratom would have.


NuWave Botanicals offers capsules, extracts, and powder. They are not as well-known as some other vendors, but they have a good selection of Kratom. You can grab a sample pack for $2.50. The powder is also offered at 250g for $34, 500g for $58, and 1000 grams for $110. You can grab the experience pack for $79 if you want to try everything.

OPMS Kratom

OPMS Kratom stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. While they sell Kratom in its other forms, extracts are their specialty. They have been in the business since 2010 and can often be found in headshops, as they have a solid wholesale program for their extracts. Their prices are typically higher than average, but most customers seem satisfied with the quality.

Organic Kratom USA

Organic Kratom USA is a great choice when it comes to online kratom vendors. They offer consistent pricing among all their strains. This allows you to choose a strain that fits your needs rather than basing it on price. Capsules are offered at 250g for $99.99, 500g for $159.99, 750g for $194.99, and 1000 grams for $217.99. If you want powder, it is offered in 50g for $12.97, 100g for $20, 250g for $35, 500g for $50, and 1000 grams for $79. Organic Kratom has some of the best customer service in the industry. This brand is a part of the American Kratom Association, which means they conduct lab tests on all their products. They are also heavily involved in all manufacturing processes of their products. 


Phytoextractum has products for sale on its website. You will find a mix including powders, capsules, and extracts. They sell other herbs as well, such as Blue Lotus and CBD. Prices for kratom range from $19.99 to $44.99. They are well known for their Gold Reserve Kratom Extract. This brand offers free samples, so be sure to take advantage of this. 


PurKratom sells many products, including capsules, gummies, and soft gels. You will not see most online sellers offering this many different types of products to their customers. Not many suppliers sell kratom gummies and soft gels, so this is a product you can grab at PurKratom. Capsules are sold in 50 capsules for $15.99 or 100 capsules for $29.99. The powder is sold in 2oz for $15.99, 6oz for $39.99, and 9oz for $59.99. All kratom vendors online differ in the quantity that they sell. So, when trying to compare prices be sure that you consider this.

Quick Kratom

Quick Kratom has been in the business since 2013, although they strangely don’t have much reputation. A kratom enthusiast founded them, so there is a commitment to quality, but not strong enough of a commitment for them to join the American Kratom Association. Their brand is not significant and well-known, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad.

Red Devil Kratom

Red Devil Kratom is another vendor that sells other alternative herbs besides Kratom. It was founded in 2015 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Their selection and pricing are both averages and compared to other sellers.

Royal Kratom

Royal Kratom is based in California and has been in the kratom business since 2014. This company differs from others in that all they sell are their proprietary kratom blends. This involves mixing different ratios of Kratom, which result in making blends that provide unique support. None of the vein varieties are sold in their pure form.

Remarkable Herbs

Remarkable Herbs is a unique company in that it does not have a direct-to-consumer option. Their entire business revolves around wholesale and private-label clients. They have been in business since 2001 and have served over 15,000 stores. If you walk into a headshop, there is a good chance you will see this brand.

Sacred Kratom

Sacred Kratom burst onto the scene in 2016. They quickly established a small but loyal core customer base. They are not approved by the AKA and have an average level of variety. With that being said, they do have a chunk of people who sing praises about their quality.

Serenity Botanicals

Serenity Botanicals is a physical botanical shop located in Savannah, Georgia. They do also have an online shop, though. Kratom is just one of the many botanical products that this shop sells. Their selection of kratom strains isn’t great, but they get pretty good feedback.


SK Herbalist sells a ton of different herbal products on their website. Their product line includes Kratom, CBD, hemp, skincare, and kava. They have kratom powder and capsules. You can buy powder in 1oz for $10, 125g for $28, and 250g for $34. The layout of their website is a bit different than other sellers. You select the vein color you would like, and then all the strains they sell are listed. They do have red, green, white, and yellow Kratom.


Spectrum Kratom sells powders, capsules, and leaves. This is rare as you typically do not find many sellers selling kratom leaves. These types of kratom products are not offered. So, if this is a product that you are searching for, you will want to give Spectrum Kratom a try. Green, White, and Red vein kratom are on their website. If you are a yellow vein Kratom fan, you must look elsewhere. The powder is sold in 30g ($14.99), 120g ($54.99), and 240g ($94.99). Capsules are 30g ($17.99), 120g ($64.99), and 240g ($109.99). The leaf is sold in 30g ($18.99), 120g ($69.99), and 240g ($119.99).

Socal Herbal Remedies

Pre-2016, Socal Herbal Remedies was one of the most established brands in the industry. They were even accredited by the American Kratom Association, making them a choice brand. Customers seemed to love their products. Then they decided to rebrand as First Coast Tea Company. They seem to have decided to diversify their focus from Kratom, as their selection for other herbs is better than their kratom selection.


Super Speciosa sells capsules, tablets, and tea bags. This is a unique company that bears its name proudly. It is not often that you see pre-made kratom tea bags sold. Some customers mention they have the best kratom tea bags in the industry. You can grab 15 tea bags for $24.99. Tea is sold in Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. Give you a chance to grab a product that will give you the support you seek. Their powder sold in 20g for $9.99, 100g for $19.99, 250g for $39.99, 1000 grams for $139.99, and 5 kilograms for $499.00. They do not sell as many different strains as other sellers. So, if you are looking for something unique, chances are you will have to go with a different vendor. You will only find Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Borneo, and Thai at Super Speciosa. Following their blog will help you keep up with the latest news. 

Urban Ice Organics

Urban Ice Organics was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are accredited by the American Kratom Association, making them a choice vendor. Their selection isn’t great, but they dabble in CBD and focus on quality over quantity. They are also noted as having outstanding customer support. 


The Golden Monk is well-known in the kratom industry. They sell all the prevalent strains users are seeking. Powder prices range between $39.99 and $89.99. You can grab some capsules for $44.99. Golden Monk has tons of blogs on its site to help you better understand Kratom. This brand has quality products, but its price tag may not always meet your needs. Golden Monk is also well known for its customer support. Additional discounts may be available, so sign up for their newsletter.  


The Kratom Syndicate sells powders, extracts, and capsules. They also sell other herbs such as kava and CBD. Other items on their websites, such as scales and brand merchandise, will also be found on their websites. The powder is sold in 125g for $29.99, 250g for $54.99, and 500g for $89.99. They have some different strains that will not be found anywhere else.


Whole Herbs Kratom sells powders and capsules. They also sell bulk pricing for those looking for wholesale prices on Kratom. This AKA-approved vendor sells 100g, 225g, and 500g powder. Various popular strains include Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, and Yellow Indo. Capsules are sold in 120, 250, 500, 1000, and 1500 grams bottles. You can order directly through their website and have it shipped to your home.

Other Aka Approved Vendors – Buy Kratom Online

  • Zen K
  • Hush Kratom
  • Topps Kratom
  • Viable Kratom
  • K Chill
  • Carolina Kratom
  • Kratom Divine
  • Grounded Organics
  • Experience Botanicals
  • Mitragaia
  • Mit 45
  • Drip Drop
  • Bedrock

Best Kratom Vendors


Finding The Best Kratom Products Online

To find the best kratom, you need to find a quality vendor. You want to work with someone who cares about their customers and provides quality kratom. You want to ensure they offer a wide selection of kratom and conduct lab testing on their products. 

High-Quality Kratom Strains

It is vital to work with AKA vendors, as they follow all the GMP regulations set by the industry. To become associated with them, a vendor must pass a rigorous audit. Then they have to prove that they are complying with regulations. If you want high-quality kratom strains, you must work with the industry's best vendors. 

Best Kratom Vendors That The AKA does not endorse

There are hundreds of vendors on the internet. You must understand that the kratom industry is not highly regulated, and there is much room for fake products. This is why we only recommend buying the best kratom from a vendor the American Kratom Association endorses.

Having the right to say you are an AKA-approved vendor in the kratom world means a lot. AKA-approved vendors will provide the highest quality products in the kratom industry. When conducting your research, you may run into some vendors, but be advised that they do not bear the American Kratom Association accreditation. Of course, some of these vendors may be in the process of becoming associated with the AKA. So, you may contact the vendor and see if this is true.

You will notice that the list of approved AKA vendors is much shorter than the list of unapproved AKA vendors. The AKA has a strict audit that all vendors must pass before they are given their approval. This endorsement separates quality vendors from those looking to make a quick profit. 

We only recommend dealing with vendors who the AKA has approved. This ensures that you are buying products from those who follow industry standards. Always read customer reviews to understand how the vendor interacted with others. 

Former Kratom Vendors Online

Below you will find a brief list of vendors who used to provide kratom but are no longer selling it. We added it to our list just in case they were a vendor you have used in the past.

  1. Rocky Mountain Kratom
  2. TucsonKratom.com
  3. Kratom Underground
  4. ReLeaf Kratom
  5. Bulk Kratom Supply
  6. KRK Naturals
  7. Maui Wowee Kratom
  8. Garden of Eden Herbals
  9. Divine Shaman
  10. Portal Botanical
  11. Valkyrie Botanicals
  12. Precious Mitre
  13. Tea Santana Style
  14. Eden’s Ethnos
  15. VitaKratom
  16. Tea n Stuff
  17. Glazba Botanicals
  18. Black Flag Botanicals
  19. Eclipse Kratom
  20. Kratom Delight
  21. Garden Zen Herbs
  22. Appalachian Herbs
  23. Kratom Wave 
  24. Madam Kratom
  25. West Coast Kratom

Buy Kratom Online Or Buy It Locally

Many people prefer to buy the best kratom strains through an online kratom vendor because they can get better product prices. Online vendors do not have things like rent and utilities that they have to factor into their pricing.

These savings are then passed off to their customers. You can also find various strains when buying from an online vendor. This allows you to get the products you seek rather than being stuck with a strain you do not want. 

Be sure not to get lured in by fancy packaging that may be on the shelves of your local shop. That kratom is designed to draw you in and make you think you are getting a safe product, but these products do not always comply with industry standards. This is why it is essential to do your homework. Many local companies may use these types of tactics to sell their products. 

In addition, many online vendors will take the extra steps to become endorsed by the American Kratom Association. This means they comply with GMP regulations and conduct rigorous lab testing on their products. This is not something you will find when dealing with local vendors.

You must take the time to understand kratom and what to look for in a vendor. This will allow you to buy from the best kratom vendors around versus getting subpar products from a vendor just looking to make a buck.

The one reason so many people buy locally is the shipping factor. Shipping can take several days, which is not always appealing to those needing quality kratom products. However, many vendors will offer quick shipping methods; you will just have to pay extra to get your products quickly. 

If you have never ordered online, you need to give it a try. You will find that ordering is easy, shipping is fast, and the quality is much better than what you would receive from a local smoke or vape shop. In addition to all the above, some online suppliers provide free samples. If you want to try something new, you will want to see if you can snag a free sample before buying the strain in bulk. The best thing about ordering online is the delivery.

We hope this list of the best kratom vendors has helped you find a trustworthy vendor. Remember, customer service is critical, but there are many other factors to consider when finding the best vendor. For safety reasons, you must choose a vendor the American Kratom Association endorses.

buying Kratom

Oasis Kratom – The Best Kratom Vendor

While all of these kratom vendors have good enough qualities to land them on a list of the top vendors in the industry, we believe we have them all beat. When purchasing kratom products online, there are many things to consider. You only want to work with the best. Be sure to weigh each vendor's pros and cons and select one that will truly cater to your needs. 

Here at Oasis Kratom, we supply a large variety of kratom strains. We have red, green, yellow, and white vein kratom. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, as we provide coupon codes to help save you money. Quality kratom does not have to come with a high price tag. We have some of the best pricing in the industry. Any orders received before 3:00 PM PST Monday through Friday will ship the same day. Delivery of your products should occur within a few days of shipping. It all depends on what shipping method is chosen. 

All products will arrive in resealable packaging. You should store your products in their packaging to ensure they stay fresh. In the kratom industry, packaging is essential. So, check out the vendor's packaging before making a purchase.

What is so special about us? We sell kratom and are heavily involved in all the processes it takes to get kratom to the USA. We have close relationships with our farmers. We understand how this herb is harvested and what it takes to get the best quality leaves. Oasis Kratom has made it its mission to be involved in every step of the process to ensure our products' quality, purity, and consistency. 

To further ensure our customers are satisfied with their products, we have a 30-day money-back refund policy. Please contact us to initiate a refund so we can step you through the process. 

To keep up with the latest kratom news, make sure you are following our blog. We are constantly putting new content on our site and strive to bring you the latest news in the industry. Also, we have affiliate memberships if you want to earn money while promoting our brand. Oasis Kratom is the number one kratom vendor not only because we sell quality products but also because of the wide range of strains we carry and our outstanding customer support. 

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Written by Nimesh D

Updated on May 27th, 2024

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