Lab Testing

We will be off Thanksgiving day, orders will begin processing again November 27th. Happy Thanksgiving!

We follow all cGMP Protocol at Oasis Kratom. All of our packaging is done in a clean room audited by the American Kratom Association.

Please email for our most recent lab test result if desired.

Packaged in aCGMP Certified Facility

Kratom separator
Lab tested kratom

GMP Regulation Matched

We test our product in accordance with GMP regulation of square root of the lot size (n) + 1.

Lab tested Kratom Powder

9+ Tests Every Batch

Every lot we touch is tested 9+ times for salmonella, E.coli, staph, yeast, and mold.

Pure Kratom

Confirmed Purity

We rigorously test each batch to confirm its 100% all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa.

Buy Freshly Harvested Kratom By Kilo

Are you interested in buying kratom wholesale? We’ve got you covered. Buy Freshly harvested, top-notch Kratom by kilo and get a variety of strains without spending a lot.


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