Kratom Powder Variety Packs

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Kratom Variety Packs

It can be hard to know what strain to choose. With so many options newbies have no clue where to start. Kratom powder variety packs can be your answer. We offer two different packs that allow you to split a quantity among several different strains. 

So, if you want to try something new, do not hesitate to order one of our kratom powder variety packs today. Simply choose if you want to split a kilo of kratom powder across two or four strains. Then add it to your cart and step through the checkout process. 

If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

What Is Kratom Powder Variety Pack?

Kratom comes in many different forms including powders, capsules, tablets, gummies, extracts, and tinctures. Powder tends to be the most popular choice among kratom users because it is the most economically priced among all the kratom products. 

A kratom powder variety pack gives you the ability to try a few different strains at a bulk rate. We offer two different options:

  1. Split Kilo - 2 Strains: This variety pack allows you to choose two different strains and split the amount between them. This not only allows you to try something new but also receive a bulk discount for buying a kilo of kratom powder. 
  2. Split Kilo - 4 Strains: This variety pack allows you the chance to split a kilo of kratom powder among 4 different strains. This will allow you not only to try different strains but also to choose a variety of vein colors. 

What You Should Know About Kratom Powder

Kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, which is native to Southeast Asia. It grows naturally in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. 

Kratom is not legal in all parts of the world. There is still a lot that people do not understand about kratom. More scientific research is needed to fully understand what this herb has to offer. 

Kratom offers wellness support. Robust alkaloids live in the leaves, which is what kratom powder is made from. 

The two main alkaloids in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These will vary from one strain of kratom to the next. 

The kratom leaves have a vein that runs down the middle of them. This vein will start as white and transform as the leaf ages. 

White vein kratom is created using the youngest leaves. As the leaf ages, it will transform to green. Green vein kratom is well balanced and loved by many kratom enthusiasts. 

The last stage is red. Red vein kratom offers the most robust support. It is potent in its alkaloid content and preferred by those who have used kratom for a while. 

Yellow vein kratom does not occur naturally and is rare. It is the product of a specialized drying process. Not all vendors have access to yellow or gold kratom, but you can grab yours here on Oasis Kratom in powders or capsules. 

Most importantly, you should never start a herb or supplement without first consulting with your family doctor. They understand your medical history and can give you advice on which strains to use. 

Also, be aware that kratom is not allowed in all regions of the United States. This means that you need to check your state laws before purchasing to ensure it is legal to possess kratom in your area. 

Buy Kratom Powder Variety

When you have made the choice that you are going to buy kratom powder variety packs, your choices of strains just got easier. This means that you do not have to settle for just one strain or vein color. 

It means that you can mix it up and try something different. Variety packs are the best way to find new support and figure out which strain can help you obtain your wellness goals. 

It's easy to buy a variety pack of kratom powders. You simply choose rather you want to split a kilo between 2 to 4 strains. Each strain will come individually packaged but the amount will be split. 

This gives you the chance to take advantage of bulk pricing. We have tons of strains for you to choose from. So, do not delay. Add your variety pack to your cart and check out now. 

Choosing a variety pack is the best way to go when you are new to kratom or if you have a few friends that use kratom as well and you want to combine your orders to save money. 

Why Choose Oasis Kratom For Your Variety Kratom Powder Packs?

There are hundreds of vendors to choose from but you should only work with those who have gone the extra mile to be endorsed by the American Kratom Association. 

The AKA is well known in the kratom world. It is the only organization that has set up GMP regulations for kratom vendors to comply with. For a vendor to be associated with the AKA, they must pass a third-party audit. 

Oasis Kratom is a proud member of the American Kratom Association. We comply with all regulations and test our products for salmonella, E.coli, staph, yeast, and mold.

You are getting the highest quality kratom when buying from us. We have close relationships with our farmers, which allows us to understand the cultivation and harvesting of kratom. 

Plus, we have an amazing customer support team. If you have any questions while shopping our website do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email.

We offer the largest variety in the industry but we do so with quality. We are always adding new strains to our product line. So do not hesitate to ask about a strain if you do not see it on our website. Chances are it's on our list to add. 


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