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Is Kratom Legal in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a place a lot of people travel to for a little rest and relaxation. This leaves a lot of kratom enthusiasts asking the question “Is Kratom Legal in Puerto Rico?” Although Puerto Rico has a lot of similarities to the United States, it is not a U.S. state. If you’re planning […]

Does The Military Test For Kratom?

Does the military test for kratom? The military has a strict stance on kratom as it is not approved by the FDA. Due to the FDA’s disapproval, all active military member is prohibited from using any products that contain kratom. Kratom may be considered an herb but it is on the OPSS list of DOD-prohibited


Current Situation Kratom is legal in Nevada with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in place. The Nevada Board of Pharmacology held a meeting and is discussing a proposal to declare kratom a Schedule I drug.  What May Happen If Legislation Changes? If put in place, this would mark the main alkaloids in kratom, Mitragynine and

What is a Kratom Certificate of Analysis?

There are not a lot of regulations that you have to worry about in the kratom industry. However, a Kratom Certificate of Analysis is very important. You may be wondering what this certificate is and why it is so important to the kratom industry. In this blog, we will explore the certificate of analysis

Marijuana Legality By State

Just like kratom, marijuana is another herb that has a lot of legal issues that surround it. Marijuana legality is a question of which state you are in. Each state has its own laws regarding this herb, so it is important that you understand them. Research has proven that marijuana does have a medicinal

Understanding Kratom and Drug Scheduling In The USA

Kratom is an herb but it faces a lot of legal issues worldwide. Here in the United States, kratom is legal on a federal level. However, each state has the right to banned kratom. There is a lot you need to understand when it comes to Kratom and drug scheduling in the USA. There


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