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Red Dragon Kratom Powder

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What Is Red Dragon Kratom?

As a premium vendor for Red Dragon Kratom, we offer this strain in powder and capsule form. Red vein kratom is known for its potency, and Red Dragon is a favorite strain among kratom users. This strain bears a likeness to Red Thai when it comes to overall balance and wellness support. 

Where Does Red Dragon Originate From?

The origins of Red Dragon are a little unclear. Although it resembles Red Thai it cannot be concluded that Thailand is where it originated from. Red Dragon kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees within Thailand and Malaysia. 

Both the climate and soil happen to produce superior forms of kratom in these areas. The weather conditions are perfect for producing high alkaloid profiles. This helps provide the wellness support that the strain has to offer. 

How Is Red Dragon Kratom Made?

Red Dragon Kratom is harvested from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees. These trees are closely related to the coffee plant. They will go through a specialized drying process and then be crushed into a powder. That powder can be sold or used to make other products, such as tinctures, extracts, or capsules. 

American Kratom Association

We are proud members of the American Kratom Association. They are the main advocacy group for kratom across the nation. Kratom is not regulated at a federal level, so each state is left to decide how they want to handle kratom. 

In doing so, many states have decided to ban kratom. The AKA will actively step in and help fight to keep kratom legal. They have been successful in their efforts. They have also set up the GMP protocols, which have helped make the industry a safer place for consumers. 

They are currently trying to get every state on board with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which will regulate the industry even more. Plus, it will help protect kratom and keep states from banning its use. 

To find out if kratom is legal in your area, check out our legality page

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6 reviews for Red Dragon Kratom Powder

  1. Bryce Frost

    This is some of the strongest Kratom I’ve found. Great prices and great selection. Happy to continue getting my Kratom from Oasis.

  2. Carmen Vega

    One of the best reds I’ve tried. I give this Red Dragon an A+. Shipping was a little slower than expected but I guess thats because on a weekend. It only took 5 days to get here and was totally worth the wait. I’ll be ordering some other strains very soon.

  3. Blaine Bean

    Awesome strain, finely ground powder and high levels of quality. Best version of Red I’ve tried.

  4. Ron Leach Jr. (verified owner)

    This is the other strain I tried along with Red Borneo, for back pain. The Borneo is great for pain, the Red Dragon great for energy to get thru strenuous labor, lifting all day. I’ve no trouble having enough energy using this Kratom!

  5. dcase14813 (verified owner)

    Very fresh and good alkaloid mix (based on third party COA and my personal experience).

    The reusable imprinted ziplock is handy for bulk powder also.

    Great product and vendor!

  6. Catherine E Poirier

    Love this. I’ve been a kratom user.since 2017. It got me off morphine from a tragic accident. I am a new person thanks to kratom. I not only can walk now I can exercise like a mad woman. I change my mixes all the time and I always come back to this one. Best yet!!

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