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Is Amazing Botanicals A Reliable Choice? Vendor Review and Ratings

Amazing Botanicals makes a pretty good first impression with their website. Both their logo and website look and feel like a professional designed them. It is pretty easy to browse by types of Kratom products, such as Kratom powder or capsule, and each has subcategories for all of the vein colors.

You will notice immediately that this company is not just a Kratom vendor. They have hemp-based CBD products, as well as a bunch of other “ethnobotanicals.” These products relate to homeopathic medicine, but customers should always be aware that the FDA does not approve these products for medicinal treatment.

What Makes Amazing Botanicals Different From Other Brands?

Accreditation by the American Kratom Association

Amazing Botanicals is not an official full member of AKA program, but they are on the list of pending participants. This means they are currently going through a strict third-party audit process. They become full members if they pass the audit. It is always great to see a Kratom vendor showing their commitment to improving the industry.

Versatile product range

Amazing Botanicals has a pretty extensive product range. They have a wide variety of vein varieties and strains available in both powder and capsule form. Their extract comes in tablet, capsule, powder, and liquid form. They even have Kratom cigarettes for sale, carried by very few Kratom vendors.

Besides Kratom, this company also sells hemp-based CBD. They sell oils, hemp flowers, consumables, and topicals. Finally, they have a selection of “ethnobotanicals” as well. This includes things like elderberry, akuamma, valerian root, and intellect tea tree oil. All of these come in an extract form.

User Opinions and Customer Service

This brand has at least a few reviews on its website for all of the products they offer. They are mostly good. Amazing Botanicals has over 2,000 reviews on the platform. Most are good and reference good customer service and affordable pricing. Most reviews on Reddit are average. People say the product is decent and the price is reasonable. No one has really bad complaints, and no one raves about them, either.

Refund Policy

Amazing Botanicals has a pretty robust return system. If you want to make a return, you click on their “returns center” link. Then you enter your order number and other order information, and they walk you through the rest of the process.

Exchanges are allowed for select variants. Damaged products can be refunded if they are returned within 7 days. Returns must be made within 30 days, and the product must be unopened. You can either have the payment card refunded or get store credit.

Shipping services

USPS is the shipping provider and express priority, and first-class is the shipping method available. This company ships Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. The price of shipping is calculated at checkout.

Top 3 Must Buying Products Of Amazing Botanicals

1.Kratom Tea Bags – White Maeng Da 5ct

These tea bags contain 3.5 grams of fresh and crushed White Maeng Da Kratom Leaf, making brewing a hot and potent Kratom Tea easy. This is an excellent option for those users who want to mask the bitter taste of Kratom. You can get this product at the price of $9.99.

2. Kratom Orange Gummies

Kratom Orange Gummies is a product that contains a concentrated form of alkaloids extracted from the Kratom leaf. Each gummy contains 10mg of Mitragynine. The main ingredients in these gummies are organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, natural orange flavors, and coconut oil. These gummies are available in different sizes at a starting price of $10.

3. Gold Reserve Kratom Capsules

These capsules are available in Red, White, and Green strain. The vendor claims that their Gold Reserve Kratom Capsules are 100% pure and potent, with no adulterants or contaminants. You can get these capsules in different sizes from 30ct to 1 Kilo at $5.99 to $134.99.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy Kratom Products From Amazing Botanicals?

All in all, Amazing Botanicals is a better Kratom vendor than most. They have a professional-looking site that is easy to use. Their blog is regularly updated with accurate information regarding all their products.

While they aren’t official members of the AKA good manufacturing process standards program, they are on the pending participant list. This company has better pricing than most, but their kilos are still $20 more than ours. Check out our shop and similar brands to browse our selection of wholesale.

Trending FAQs About Amazing Botanicals

What is the most popular product of Amazing Botanicals?

Green Maeng Da Kratom is the most famous product of the vendor.

Does the vendor have authentic customer reviews?

Yes, the brand has more than 1K authentic brand reviews.

Can I get free shipping from the vendor?

Yes, the brand provides fast and free shipping on all orders.

Does the brand guarantee customer satisfaction?

The vendor guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Can I return the products to Amazing Botanicals?

If the delivered product doesn’t match your expectation level, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

Is the Amazing Botanicals product lab tested?

Yes, the vendor’s products are lab tested, just like Oasis Kratom.

Can I purchase wholesale products from this brand?

If you’re a retailer or want to hoard Kratom products, then the vendor provides the option for wholesale purchases.  For more options, follow the Amazing Botanicals website.

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