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How To Make Kratom Soap

If you enjoy living a clean, alternative lifestyle you may be into making your own products. After all, who doesn’t want to skip all the harsh chemicals that can be found in many of our toiletry products these days? Creating your own kratom soap can prove to be both rewarding and amazing for your skin. Check out our DIY tips below so that you can create your own soap with kratom in it. 

How To Make Kratom Soap

What Is Kratom Soap?

Kratom seems to be popping up everywhere. However, there are some products that you may want to try, but they are not available through any local or online vendors. So, why not try your hand at making your own products?

Kratom soap is a soap that contains kratom powder. This type of soap will be packed with natural ingredients and can prove to offer wellness support to your skin. While no studies are proving that kratom soap has healing properties, there are loads of soap makers out there who are now including kratom as an ingredient. 

If you research this type of soap you will see only anecdotal reports. You should never take this type of advice as safe. DIY projects such as this can help you live a sustainable lifestyle. A lot of people who are into alternative medicine find making their own products can prove to be a vital part of their clean-living lifestyle. 

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We always ask all of our customers to contact their doctor before starting on any type of kratom product. You want to ensure that kratom is right for you and a medical physician is the only one who can give that advice.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to try kratom differently, you are sure to find this soap can hold wellness support that you were not even aware of. If you are interested in making kratom soap you can find some tips below. 

Making Your Own Soap

Soap making can be a very enjoyable hobby. It is one of the things you can do that can help improve your overall wellness. Making soap is not difficult. It can be done with a few ingredients right in the comfort of your home. The best thing is, you can combine any natural ingredients that you like. This will help you truly customize your soap to suit your needs. 

While there is a lack of research on kratom, there are many botanicals that have been proven to help with numerous skin conditions. So, you may be wondering why someone would want to make their own soap. 

Everyone has their own reasons. Homemade soap can prove to be moisturizing and provide nutrients to your skin. Most will be packed with ingredients that can help improve the look and feel of your skin, as well as help deter aging. Again, you will have to research these ingredients separately, but there are loads of botanicals that are highly beneficial to the skin. Here are the top 10 botanicals that are utilized by soap makers.

  1. Lavender 
  2. Chamomile
  3. Calendula
  4. Lemon Balm
  5. Marshmallow Root
  6. Comfrey
  7. Plantain
  8. Mint
  9. Rosemary
  10. Rose

Making Kratom Soap

Kratom soap is a great choice for those who are looking for new kratom products to try. Here are the ingredients that you will need to get started. This is just one recipe you can try, we are sure that there are dozens available on the internet. 


  • Glycerin Soap Base 2 pounds
  • 1 cup of carrier oil (olive, coconut, or palm) For those oils that are solid when stored at room temperature these will produce a harder soap product. 
  • Kratom powder 6 ounces
  • Add in botanicals of your choice. Dried flowers can add a nice touch. You can also opt to add in some essential oils to provide you with pleasant aromas. 


  1. Begin by melting down the glycerin. This can be done in a double boiler. Melting will begin at about 115 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who do not have a double boiler, you can simply place one pot inside the other. Continue to heat until it reaches a smooth consistency. 
  2. You will want to prepare your soap molds. These can be bought almost anywhere or you could use silicone bakeware as an alternative. Some have even used baking sheets or cake pans. It all depends on what you have and how you want to make your soap. Give your soap mold a rub down with some rubbing alcohol. This will help keep the soap from bubbling as it is curing. 
  3. Now it’s time to add your carrier oil. You will want to put it in slowly while you are constantly stirring. This will give you the balance you are looking for. Always scrape from the bottom of the pan as this will ensure all the oil is evenly distributed. 
  4. Remove your mixture from the heat. 
  5. Slowly add in your kratom powder. Be certain to stir as you do it. At this point, if you wish to add any essential oils or dried flowers you can do that as well. 
  6. Add your mixture to your molds. Continue to stir as you are filling them. The sediment of dried plant matter can be added to the top of each mold. Once all the molds are filled, spray the top with rubbing alcohol to help prevent air bubbles from occurring. 
  7. Put your soap in a dry and cold area where it can cure for at least 24 hours. Be aware that soaps made with olive oil may take longer to harden. 

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You will want to be aware that soap bases can vary. Some will be packed with nourishing oils, while others you may have to add your own in. Just be aware of what is in your soap base so you know what to skip when it comes to ingredients. 

Get Started Today! 

Get your high-quality kratom powder right here on Oasis Kratom. We offer a variety of strains in all four vein colors, including red, white, green, and yellow. This is just one kratom soap recipe but there are dozens on the internet to choose from. Be sure to have fun when making your soap and add your own twist to it. 

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