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Green Kratom Powder

Green vein kratom powder is very popular among those who are seeking balanced support. The vein color will dictate the alkaloids present in the kratom strain, as well as the support it will offer. 

All kratom comes from Southeast Asia, where it has been utilized for centuries. It is relatively new to the western world and is banned in some areas across the United States. 

Before you make a purchase it is always best to check the laws in your state, city, or town to ensure kratom is legal. 

Take note that no only vendor will ship to areas where kratom has been banned. So this too should help you out. 

Once you have decided on a Green kratom powder, simply add it to your cart and begin the checkout process. 

Why Does Vein Color Matter Among Kratom Strains?

Most kratom strains are characterized according to where they are native and the vein color. This helps users to easily identify between the hundreds of strains available in the kratom market. 

All kratom leaves begin with a white vein, which signifies the youngest kratom leaves. As the leaf matures this vein will change to green. Green vein kratom signifies the midpoint of the leaf’s life. Some say green kratom is the perfect balance between white and red vein varieties. 

Red vein kratom is made from the most mature leaves and is noted as having the highest levels of alkaloids. 

Vein color is very important and helps users easily identify the various support that kratom can offer. You will notice that most strains will be offered in more than one vein color. This simply means if you opt for the white strain over a green strain it is likely to offer more subtle support. 

However, this is not always the case, so be sure to study your kratom strain options before making a purchase. 

Alot of people get the misconception that there will be a different kratom tree for each vein color. This is not true. All kratom will grow on the same tree. The vein color simply represents the leaf’s lifecycle. 

The Most Popular Green Vein Kratom Strains

Below we will discuss some of the most popular green kratom strains. You may have heard about some of these but some are relatively new and maybe a strain you are not highly familar with. 

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Maeng Da kratom has gained a reputation in the kratom world, as being one of the most potent forms of kratom. Kratom Green Maeng Da powder is offered here on Oasis Kratom. You will also find Maeng Da offered in red, green, white, and yellow vein varieties. Green Maeng Da is noted as provide robust support that is long-lasting and balanced. 

Green Malay Kratom Powder

Green vein Malay kratom powder comes from Malaysia and is very popular. You may also see vendors list this strain as green Malaysian kratom powder. Malay is just a shortened name for Malaysia. So, they are the same product. If you love green Malay but want a little more support you may opt for super green Malaysian kratom powder. It is just an enhanced form of regular Green Malay. 

Super Green Malay Kratom Powder

Super green kratom powder is a blend of Green Malay and Green Indo. It enhances the support that is offered and is a favorite among kratom enthusiasts. We have it listed as Super Green Kratom Powder. According to the vendor, you may find this blend as other names. So, you may have to reach out to the vendor to find out if they offer Super Green Malay kratom powder.  

Green Riau Kratom Powder

Riau is grown and cultivated along the Raiu River. This area is rich with alkaloids and provides the perfect growing conditions for the Mitragyna Speciosa trees. Green Riau is not as easily accessible as other strains. So do not be surprised if you have a hard time sourcing it. 

Green Indo Kratom Powder

Green Indo is one of our top sellers. It offers robust support that is well balanced. It is the perfect starting point for those who are new to kratom. Indo kratom is also offered in other vein colors including red and white. If you are looking to buy green Indo kratom powder, we have you covered. We offer green Indo kratom powder 1 kilo to help save you some money. So, if Green Indo is your go-to strain, be sure to take advantage of our bulk pricing. 

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder

Green Hulu kratom powder may also be noted as Green Hulu Kapuas. Both are the same strain it just depends on how the vendor lists it. This strain, as you have probably already guessed, grows along the Hulu Kapuas river. It is a strain you do not want to miss out on, so be sure to add it to your cart today! 

Green Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

Green Borneo kratom powder is well received by newbies and avid users. If you are a vendor looking for green Borneo kratom powder wholesale, we can help you out. Navigate over to our wholesale page and sign up now. We offer bulk discounts for large orders. So, if Green Borneo is your go-to kratom strain be sure you take a look at our bulk discounts. 

Green Thai Kratom Powder

Green vein Thai kratom powder comes from Thailand. Thai kratom is offered in all vein colors including yellow. It is often used to make blends as well. If you have not tried Green Thai you will want to add it to your cart today! 

Green Bali Kratom Powder

Green Bali is a favorite among our customers. Bali kratom is well received among newbies as well as those who have been taking kratom for a while. Bali kratom is also available in red and white vein varieties. So, if green vein kratom is not your thing you do have a choice with this strain. 

Green Jongkong Kratom Powder

Jongkong kratom is relatively new to the kratom market. This type of kratom is robust but is not as potent as other forms of kratom. So, if you are looking for subtle support, this may be a strain for you. It is offered in other vein colors are well. 

Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder Green

Green Thai Maeng Da kratom powder is a blend of Green Maeng Da and Green Thai. It offers very robust support because it contains a huge alkaloid profile. If you are looking for something new to try, this is a great one! 

Green Dragon Kratom Powder

Green Dragon is becoming more and more popular. This strain tends to provide similar support to Thai kratom. While it cannot be confirmed, many users believe that Dragon kratom originated from Thailand. This would explain why they share similar characteristics. 

Green Elephant Kratom Powder

kratom elephant green powder is created using large leaves that mimic elephant ears. This is how this strain gained its name. The large leaves produce a unique alkaloid profile that is not seen in other forms of kratom. So, if you are looking to mix up your support and love green vein kratom, Green elephant is an excellent choice. 

Why Is Yellow Kratom Powder Actually Green?

Do not get hung up on the color of the powder. If your yellow vein kratom looks a bit green this does not mean that the vendor sent you the wrong vein color. Kratom is an organic product. So, the coloring can vary from one batch to another. 

Yellow vein kratom can be the product of a specialized drying process or some vendors choose to blend red and green vein kratom to create yellow vein kratom. So, this could also be the reason why your yellow vein kratom appears to be more green than yellow. 

How Much Green Vein Kratom Powder Do I Take?

No vendor is allowed to give you the advice. You must talk to your family physician for any strain recommendations. They will know your medical history and be able to determine if kratom is a good fit for you! 

Never take anecdotal support listed on the internet as safe advice. No two people are the same, so kratom will react differently when taken by you. This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is to get your physician involved with your kratom decisions. 

How To Take Green Bali Kratom Powder – Different Kratom Types

Kratom is offered in several different products. It all comes down to your lifestyle and what works best for you. One product is not better than another. Below we will list out options that you have probably found when searching kratom products. 

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder tends to be the most popular choice because it is the cheapest option. Many kratom users will buy powder so they can create their own capsules, tinctures, or extracts. This allows them to save money on products they want to try. We offer several kratom powders on our website in green, red, white, and yellow vein colors. 

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are a great choice for those who are seeking a product to fit into their busy life. Powders can be messy and not easy to travel with, so many people opt for kratom capsules. We have tons of capsules here on Oasis for you to choose from. Alternatively, you could buy kratom powder and make your own capsules. 

Kratom Extracts

Extracts are a highly concentrated form of kratom. This means that a little will go a long way. So, be cautious when ordering extracts, you will need to take less of the products compared to when taking a powder. Many people will use kratom powder to create their own kratom extracts. 

Kratom Tablets

Tablets are similar to capsules and offer a convenience that no other kratom product can. They are easily accessible and allow you to be more decreet with your kratom usage. However, you will find that most vendors offer only capsules, so it may be a little hard to source kratom tablets. We will be adding tablets to our kratom line very soon.  

Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are becoming more popular. They are a liquid form of kratom and offer a convenience that a lot of people are searching for. You may find kratom shots offered in gas stations and convenience stores. However, be aware that the quality in these types of shops may not be very good. You only want to buy from trusted vendors. 

Kratom Crush Leaves

Crushed leaves are a raw form of kratom that is not often seen. However, you can grab yours here on Oasis Kratom. Crush leaves are great for those who love kratom tea or want to make other kratom products such as extracts. 

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