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White Maeng Da – Crushed Leaf


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Kratom comes in many forms, from powders to extracts to capsules, and now – White Maeng Da Crushed Leaf Kratom. For those new to the world of kratom, crushed leaf kratom may be a bit of a mystery. How is it different from other products? Those who are more experienced with kratom are demanding high-quality crushed leaf kratom, even if they are familiar with the other forms.

Crushed Leaf Kratom – What Is It?

Crushed leaf kratom, like our White Maeng Da Crushed Leaf, is a comparatively new form of kratom being offered, so it’s not a product you can just find anywhere.

When the kratom leaf is harvested from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, it’s normally dried and then ground into a powder. Crushed leaf kratom is also made from dried leaves, but it is crushed rather than ground, which produces a divergent alkaloid profile that sets this kratom product apart from the rest.

Crushed Leaf is Unique

The method used to crush the kratom leaves for this product utilizes all the elements of the leaves. When creating a powder, the veins and stems are removed before being ground, but with crushed leaf, you get all the parts of the leaf – including the alkaloid present.

The Alkaloids in Crushed Leaf

The alkaloid profile of crushed leaf kratom is unique, offering a more potent alkaloid profile than the simple powdered form. Many kratom enthusiasts are moving into new territory with crushed leaf, using it to create kratom teas.

Make It Into Powder

Another way that people are utilizing crushed leaf kratom is to create their own powder from it by grinding the product themselves. They can then use the powder to create their own kratom capsules or extracts. Why would someone go to all the trouble? Many say that it’s because the alkaloid profiles from the veins and stems of the leaves offer a more powerful alkaloid experience. That’s why many people choose to buy crushed leaf over powder – the alkaloid profiles are more robust with the crushed leaf kratom.

White Maeng Da Crushed Leaf Kratom

Our White Maeng Da Crushed Leaf Kratom comes to you from the dense forests of Thailand. The Maeng Da class of kratom is loved for its potent alkaloids and White Maeng Da, in particular, has a well-balanced alkaloid profile that makes it so popular.

White-veined kratom, like White Maeng Da, is harvested from very young kratom plants. The age of the leaves of the plant directly impacts its alkaloids.

Why Buy From Oasis Kratom?

As part of the American Kratom Association, Oasis Kratom offers only the highest quality kratom. All of our products are packaged under GMP regulations and we lab-test all the kratom we sell for quality, purity, and safety. We also offer amazing customer service and welcome our customers to reach out with any questions or concerns they may have regarding our products. We are happy to be your go-to source for quality kratom and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything we sell.

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Lab Testing

Lab testing our kratom is one of the most important things we do to ensure you’re only getting quality kratom when you order from Oasis Kratom. Our third-party labs test all of our kratom for contaminants such as E. coli, yeast, salmonella, and mold, confirming it to be nothing but 100% kratom.

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