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Green Maeng Da – Crushed Leaf



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Crushed Leaf Kratom There are various forms of kratom including powders, capsules, extracts, and now crushed leaf kratom. If you are new to kratom you may be wondering how crush leaves differ from other kratom products. Avid users are becoming more familiar with the various forms of kratom and high-quality crushed leaves are in demand.

What Is Crushed Leaf Kratom?

Crush leaves can be used in various ways. It is still a relatively new form of kratom, so you will not find leaves offered by all kratom vendors. It is good to explore the various forms of kratom so that you can find the right one that provides you with the wellness support that you are seeking.

Unique Factor

Crush leaves are unique in the way that they use all parts of the leaves. The veins and steams will be removed when creating powders. With crushed leaf kratom all parts of the leaves are crushed and offered to our customers.


Crushed leaf kratom contains distinct alkaloid properties. It allows all users to experience kratom in a very potent form. A lot of users are using crushed leaves to make kratom teas.

Conversion To Powder

A lot of people choose to take their crushed leaves and transform them into powder. This powder can then be used to make capsules or extracts. People do this because they say that the alkaloids in the stems and veins of the leaves provide much more potent support. This is the main difference between powders and leaves. They are two different forms that provide different support and leaves tend to be more potent.

Why Buy From Us?

We are part of the American Kratom Association. This means that we offer the highest quality kratom that the market has to offer. Our products follow all GMP regulations and we conduct lab testing to ensure purity and quality. If you ever have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us. We look forward to being the only kratom vendor that you need.

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