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Understanding 16 Kratom Strains

Kratom strains and veins are very complex. Users of kratom typically have a favorite strain to use, and it may differ from other users. Finding the right type of kratom will take trial and error, as well as thorough research. 

In this guide, we will focus on 16 different strains of kratom and give a brief overview of the different veins. 

#1 Borneo Strains

White Borneo is rare but also extremely potent. The Green and Red versions are easier to find, and all three give off an aroma. The Red version is the strongest smelling while the Green one only produces this specific aroma in moderation.

Varieties that we carry include:

#2 Cambodian Strains

Cambodian Kratom is not a pure strain. Instead, it’s a combination of Red and Green Vein horned leaves. This combination is rare, so it makes this particular strain hard to get. It also has a similar genetic outline as that of the Maeng da strain.

#3 Dragon Strains

This strain shares a lot of its DNA with the Thai strain. It also contains a high alkaloid count. Originating from only one plantation, it’s not easy to come by. 

Varieties that we carry include:

#4 Elephant Strains

The Elephant strain is also available in either Green, Red, or White. Sporting large leaves that look like an elephant’s ear, the Elephant strain contains a high indole alkaloid count.

Varieties that we carry include:

Kratom Strains

#5 Horn Strains

According to some clients, the Horn strain may provide clarity. Even though they are available in Green, Red, and White colors, each color is tied together by this “clear thinking” performance.

Varieties that we carry include:

#6 Hulu Kapuas Strains

The plants that are used to make this strain are rare, primarily because they’re located on an island with little inhabitants. Found in White, Green, and Red, each one of these strains is special because they house a unique alkaloid count. Many claim the Green Hulu Kapuas strain is one of the rarest.

Varieties that we carry include:

#7 Indo Strains

The popular Indo strain comes in both Red and White varieties. However, it’s the White version that is the rarest to find. The Red Vein Indo contains a dense cell wall within the genetic makeup of the strain. Although it contains a high alkaloid content, it’s reported that the performance of this strain hit the user gradually.

#8 Jong Kong Strains

The Jong Kong strain of kratom offers up a special alkaloid content and appearance. Available in Red, Green, and White. The Green version has been dubbed Maeng da’s little brother due to its potency. In terms of the Red strain, it comes from some of the oldest and most mature trees you can find. The White Vein Jong Kong Kratom is comprised of two White Kratom strains.

#9 Kali Strains

Out of all the different strains of kratom, Kali is one of the best smelling strains. It also houses a unique blend of alkaloids. It has been said that the strain’s potency are moderate and lasts for a long period of time. It comes in Red and Green veins. 

#10 Ketapang Strains

You can purchase Ketapang Kratom in either Red, Green, or White. Each one provides you with a slightly different experience. The Red, White, and Green versions are all popular, and the fresh smell of the Green Vein Ketapang is a welcome aroma to most customers.

harvest kratom strains

#11 Maeng da Strains

The Maeng da strain is a part of the Red Kratom family. Since it is a branch of Red Kratom, Maeng da is a highly potent strain when compared to others. In terms of creation, the Maeng da strain was “grafted” together using two different sets of leaves. This is a common technique when modifying and creating strains. Like almost any other strain, it’s available in many forms. 

Varieties that we carry include:

#12 Malay Strains

There are two different types of Malay Kratom strains. You have the Standard Green Malay and the Super Green Malay. Comparing the two, Super Green Malay is a little more subdued in terms of alkaloid content. You’ll experience a more moderate performance with this type than using the Standard Green Malay.  After Maeng-da, Malay is the next most popular strain to use. It also has a unique smell that sets it apart from other kratom strains.

#13 Riau Strains

Out of the Green, White, and Red versions, Red Vein Riau Kratom is the easiest to find. Featuring a musky aroma, it’s one of the best choices out of all the Red Vein Kratom powders available. It’s also a more moderate option if you’re looking for something less potent than other strains.

#14 Sumatra Strains

Found on the Sumatra islands located in Indonesia, this strain grows exceptionally well. These islands receive a ton of rain and loads of humidity. It’s available in Green, Red, and White versions, but the White version is the most powerful. It’s so powerful and potent that many consider it the most potent White strain available anywhere. If you choose the Green strain, you’re in for a much milder and subdued experience. The Red Vein version lasts for quite a long time.

Varieties that we carry include:

#15 Thai Strains

Thai is available in White, Green, or Red. Out of all of these, the White Vein strain is one of the most potent strains of kratom available.

Varieties that we carry include:

#16 Vietnam Strains

The Vietnam Kratom strain is available in all vein colors. The yellow strain is gaining popularity and has a mild performance. The White Vietnam strain is much more powerful, so be careful when ingesting. Since this strain grows in Vietnam, it’s privy to the unique climate offered in the country.

Varieties that we carry include:

What are the Various Kratom Veins Available?

A kratom tree, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, produces leaves with various colors of veins. The colors include red, green, white, or yellow. Here is a breakdown of each vein. 

Red Kratom Veins

The red Kratom leaves are mature and contain highly balanced alkaloid levels. These two factors make red vein kratom the most potent out of all the colors available.

Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom leaves fall in the middle of the maturity scale. This refers to the time at which the leaves were picked off the tree.  

White Vein Kratom

These particular leaves are picked early in their maturity cycle. Compared to Green Vein Kratom, the White variety packs a punch in terms of potency. Some of the strains are even more potent than the Yellow Vein Kratom.

Yellow Vein Kratom

It’s hard to categorize Yellow Vein Kratom because some of the strains result from a mixture of two different colors. There’s also a unique drying process than can be done to create this type of kratom leaf. Regardless, Yellow Vein Kratom is heavily advertised. It’s also powerful in terms of its potency.

Disclaimer: Kratom is not used to treat, cure or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use.

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  1. Joanna Murray
    Joanna Murray says:

    I am a long-term user of Kratom and this blog gave me some insight into some strains I have never heard of. With a little more research on some of these strains, I think I will mix up the kratom that I am using. Thanks for the great information and insight into the different strains of kratom.

  2. Ellen Riddle
    Ellen Riddle says:

    I am new to the world of Kratom, so I am trying to read all of the information I can before deciding on a strain to start with. There are so many different strains that it has become a bit overwhelming. However, your blog has made it easy for me to understand. I ordered my powder today and I can not wait to report back and tell you my experience. Thanks for the great information and I will check back often to see all the latest updates in the world of Kratom.

  3. Mia Richardson
    Mia Richardson says:

    WOW because I am relatively new to kratom I had only heard of 3 different strains. I did not realize that there were so many different types to choose from. This is some great information, and I shared it with a few friends who have just started using kratom.


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