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Super Green Kratom Powder



What Is Super Green Kratom?

Super Green Kratom is the product of two strains being mixed. This strain of kratom is very potent and goes through a specialized drying process. It is during this process that the alkaloids are locked in. Super Green Kratom is known for its longevity and wellness support. If you are looking to purchase this strain you can grab it right here at Oasis Kratom. 

Where Does Super Green Kratom Originate From?

This kratom is native to Indonesia. It grows naturally here and is a favorite among natives. It is suggested that the two strains used to create Super Green are Green Malay and Green Indo. Kratom is native to areas of Southeast Asia and has only recently become popular in the United States. 

How Is Super Green Kratom Made?

Super Green has been developed by skillful kratom farmers. Over time farmers have become more acquainted with the plant and a variety of ways to process this strain. To provide the best potency levels farmers select only the largest leaves to create Super Green. Using a specific oxidation process allows the alkaloid concentration to increase. 

This results in a super technique and produces one of the most potent Green Vein strains that the kratom market has to offer. The powder tends to be a very bright green, which stands out among other green strains. 

The leaves are then crushed into a powder. The powder tends to be the most popular form of kratom because of its economical price. However, the powder can also be used to create capsules, tinctures, and extracts. 

The American Kratom Association

When it comes to advocating for kratom, the American Kratom Association has this industry covered. They have been very successful in helping states overturn laws that aimed to ban kratom. 

This group has also come up with GMP regulations that must be complied with to become associated with the AKA. We are a proud member of the American Kratom Association and find the GMP regulations to be vital to our daily process. To become a part of the AKA we also had to pass a strict third-party audit. This process allows us to offer the highest quality kratom to our customers. 

In addition, the AKA is also working to get each state to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will address issues within the industry and help kratom become more regulated. To find out more about the American Kratom Association, be sure to check out their website


We offer several capsules and powders including Green Maeng Da, Green Dragon, Green Borneo, and Green Thai.

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