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White Ketapang Kratom

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What Is White Ketapang Kratom?

White Ketapang Kratom offers subtle support that a kratom user would expect from a white strain. Ketapang is also offered in red and green vein colors, which allows you to choose the type of support you are seeking. This is a relatively new strain so you may not be able to find it offered with all kratom vendors. 

Where Does White Ketapang Kratom Originate From?

Ketapang is also referred to as Tau-pang in Teochew. This kratom strain originates from West Kalimantan. You will find White Ketapang kratom growing in the forest here. It thieves in the wet and humid environment of this region. Many users comment on the aroma of this strain. It is packed with alkaloids and flavonoids that will provide you with the robust support you are seeking. 

How Is White Ketapang Kratom Made?

Ketapang is cultivated in the same way as all other kratom strains. Once the farmers feel the Ketapang leaves have reached the right maturity level they will pluck them and allow them to dry. They will then be ground into a fine powder and sold. The powder can also be used to create several other products including capsules, tinctures, and extracts. 

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When it comes to industry standards, the American Kratom Association has gone the extra mile to put in place regulations for vendors to comply with. To be associated with the AKA a vendor must follow all GMP protocols. You only want to buy from AKA registered vendors. They will provide you with the highest quality kratom on the market. We are proud members of the AKA and offer our customers quality kratom products that have been lab-tested. To learn more about the AKA be sure to check out this blog

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4 reviews for White Ketapang Kratom

  1. Maximus London-Kolb (verified owner)

    I just wanted to go ahead and post my experience with White Ketapang because it seems no one else has, but I really enjoyed it! Nice and potent, and is one of the best white strains I’ve tried from Oasis that works for me personally, though obviously strain synchrony varies from person to person. But yeah, one of my favorite whites! 😀

  2. Kerry

    White Ketapang has become my favorite white vein kratom powder. Smells fresh because it always is…. Oasis is an amazing vendor

  3. Kerry Fishman

    White Ketapang has become my favorite white vein kratom powder. Smells fresh because it always is…. Oasis is an amazing vendor

  4. Steve Superfly

    This was extremely potent. The best white vain I have had ,In over ten years of experience.

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