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Yellow Horn Kratom Powder


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Yellow Horn Kratom is a unique blend that is not offered by all kratom vendors. Yellow strains tend to be harder to access, and this is why you will not find these strains as easily as you would red, green, and white vein kratom. However, we have you covered here at Oasis Kratom. We work with kratom farmers to bring you unique strains that are highly sought after.

How Is Yellow Horn Kratom Made?

Yellow Horn is created through a specialized drying method. In fact, this type of kratom will start out as White Horn Kratom. It is during the curing process that the white vein will turn a yellowish hue. This provides a unique alkaloid profile that is highly sought after.

Once the leaves are dried, they will be crushed into a powder. This powder is sold on the market or used to create extracts or capsules. Be sure that you source Yellow Horn from reliable vendors who offer the highest quality products.

Where Does Yellow Horn Kratom Originate From?

Since Yellow Horn Kratom starts as White Horn, you have to consider where it is native to. White Horn is grown and harvested in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia is the largest export hub for kratom in Southeast Asia. The unique leaves of Horned Kratom have tiny horned spikes at the ends of the leaves. This produces a robust alkaloid profile that is heavily sought after.

The American Kratom Association

When you are trying to source the highest quality kratom be sure that you seek a vendor who is part of the American Kratom Association. While there are not a lot of regulations in the kratom industry, the AKA has made strides in improving the quality of kratom coming to market. They also are working hard to get all states to accept the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Once this act is in place there will be no need for kratom bans.

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