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Chocolate Kratom Powder

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What Is Chocolate Kratom?

Chocolate Kratom is a relatively new strain and is not offered by all vendors. It is created during the fermentation process of red-veined kratom. So, the origins of this strain would be wherever the red vein kratom strain came from. Kratom enthusiasts love this strain for its deep rich color and potent alkaloid makeup. 

How Is Chocolate Kratom Made?

Chocolate Kratom will not taste or smell like chocolate. It is named this because of its deep reddish-brown tone. This strain is made through the fermentation process of red vein kratom. The most mature leaves are used to create Chocolate kratom, meaning it is rich in alkaloids. During the fermentation process, the leaves will transform from a red to a rich chocolatey hue. 

The fermentation process will also affect the potency levels, allowing this strain to be unique and heavily sought after. Not all kratom vendors will offer this strain, but that is not something you have to worry about. It is a favorite here at Oasis Kratom. So, get your Chocolate Kratom today! 

The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is working hard to regulate the kratom industry. They are trying to get each state on board with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will help place regulations and keep kratom a safer place for consumers. In addition, lawmakers will not bring banning legislation against kratom, as the biggest issue at the moment is that kratom is not regulated. 

In addition, the AKA offers support when needed. They have been successful in overturning many laws that intended on outlawing kratom. They have also outlined GMP regulations for vendors to follow. While these regulations are not mandated we find them vital to keeping the industry a safe place for consumers. 

As a member of the American Kratom Association, we abide by all GMP regulations. As a result, we can offer the highest quality kratom in the industry. To find out more about the American Kratom Association check out their website

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4 reviews for Chocolate Kratom Powder

  1. Ronald Leach Jr (verified owner)

    Finally opened the bag after a couple weeks, as I needed to use up some Borneo first! WOW! I had “Chocolate” before, but was not from different vendor and not too good.. The Oasis Chocolate is like all of their Kratom! Fresh and very good cost! 🙂 thanks again Oasis!!!

  2. Billy Nipper (verified owner)

    This strain is pretty similar to Red Meang da. It’s a little less in potency but still worth it!

  3. Kerry Fishman (verified owner)

    Follow up to my previous review Oasis did reach out to me we have rectified the situation they are a first-class company I will stay loyal to Oasis

  4. Joshua Sierk (verified owner)

    I love this strain towards the end of the day. Really chills me out and eases my chronic pain. Similar to red Borneo, but a bit more potent and better tasting, in my opinion.

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