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Red Thai Kratom Powder

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What Is Red Thai Kratom?

Red Thai Kratom comes from mature Mitragyna Speciosa trees. Kratom enthusiasts often seek red vein strains due to the robust alkaloid profile that this type of kratom has. Red Thai is very popular and is a great strain for those who are looking to change up the wellness support that they receive from kratom. 

Where Does Red Thai Kratom Originate From?

Kratom is most often characterized by its vein color as well as its origins. So, it is easy to see that this strain of kratom comes from red-veined kratom that is harvested in Thailand. However, Red Thai is also grown in areas of Indonesia. This helps kratom users to easily identify the type of kratom that they are using. It will also help them decide among the various vein colors and strains that the industry has to offer. 

Origin of Red Thai Kratom Powder - By Oasis Kratom

How Is Red Thai Kratom Made?

Red Thai comes from mature Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. These leaves will be harvested by skilled farmers and then undergo a drying process. In doing so, the alkaloid content will reach peak levels of potency, giving this strain its unique balance. Once the drying process is done, the leaves will be crushed into a powder. This powder can then be sold or used to use several other products including capsules and extracts. 

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association helps support the kratom industry when it is needed. Since kratom is not regulated at a federal level, each state is left to handle this herb independently. In doing so, many states have banned their use. 

The AKA has been able to overturn several legislations that intended on banning kratom. They have also come up with some guidelines to help make kratom a safer industry for consumers. 

As a part of the AKA, we adhere to their GMP protocols, which means you are getting the highest quality products in the industry. We find that it is vital to stick to these guidelines to deliver unadulterated products. 

To find out if kratom is legal in your area, check out our legality page

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4 reviews for Red Thai Kratom Powder

  1. Amy Hall

    Great people, real nice herbals, Red Thai, Green Borneo, Red Maeng Da, are what I’ve tried so far. Smooth, fresh ,customer service is very supportive, prices are real nice also. You can’g go wrong with this site. Very very nice.

  2. Mohamed Artega

    The powder is just so fine and smooth, so much better than what some other companies are selling. Happy to have found a trustworthy name in the Kratom world.

  3. Dennis Boyer

    Quick shipping, good product added bonus of free shipping. Smooth, satisfying product with a really nice smell. A+++

  4. Ronald Leach (verified owner)

    Very strong, very long lasting. When I mixed with the Red Dragon, gave long lasting, sustained energy for hours! But not jittery feeling at all. Just great, clean energy, to perform heavy workload. Very unique, and satisfying strain!! Definitely worth getting a few kilos of this product.

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