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The difference between kratom extracts and kratom drinks

What is the Difference Between Kratom Extracts and Liquid K Shots? 

Kratom extracts and kratom drinks - have you ever wondered what's the best way to have kratom? If you're new to the world of kratom then you've come to the right place. This article will discuss everything you need to know about kratom extracts, kratom drinks, and of course, kratom shots.

Kratom Extracts Vs. Kratom Drinks, which is Better?

Traditionally, most people seeking a morning or afternoon boost turn to coffee or energy drinks to get them going, but did you know that kratom can be an effective way to get the boost without the caffeine? 

The Southeast Asian plant, Mitragyna Speciosa also known as kratom, has been used for centuries to promote overall wellness, and has quickly gained popularity in the United States. The kratom industry is growing fast, as are the number of ways you can try kratom! You can incorporate kratom into routine through tinctures, extracts, teas, shots, powders, capsules, gummies and more! Two of the most popular ways to have kratom are through extracts and drinks. Let’s learn about what makes them different.

The Difference Between Kratom Extracts and Kratom Drinks

Extracts are exactly what they sound like, a highly concentrated form of kratom, so a little can go a long way. They are also very portable, store safely, and keep for a long time. Kratom extracts are popular among veteran users and come in different forms to try. 

Kratom liquid shots, or K shots, are made with a water-based extract combined with other ingredients typically found in energy drinks, like passionflower. These drinks are full of flavor and contain a pre-measured kratom in 10mg - 250mg. Liquid shots are convenient and pack a punch when it comes to potency. Popular with new or regular users, powerful kratom extract shots will contain a full spectrum of alkaloids that have been shown to help users achieve a relaxed, yet motivated state.

liquid kratom shots

Kratom Extract: The Essential Part of Liquid Kratom Shots

What are liquid kratom shots, and what do you need to know? Before you try a K shot, be sure you know what you’re getting and how it is made.

Liquid Kratom Shots Explained

You may have seen K Shots at local gas stations, smoke shops or herbal shops and wondered what are kratom shots? They are one of the newest products to hit the kratom market and are a convenient option for people who want to use kratom on the go. 

So What Exactly Are Liquid Kratom Shots?

A kratom shot is a form of liquid kratom with additives and can be compared to an energy drink. These shots tend to be single-use and usually come in a small bottle, similar to the brand name energy shots that are widely available. However, because kratom is not regulated federally, you may not be getting safe 100% all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa.

 Why Do People Enjoy Liquid Shots?

Many liquid kratom shots come in a variety of tasty flavors from coffee to fruity. They are easy to find at convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops, perfect for grab and go!

 What Else is in Liquid Shots?

Manufacturers put different types of additives and artificial stabilizers in their kratom shots, and because not all kratom companies follow AKA standards, buying a kratom shot from a gas station may not be as safe or reliable as purchasing kratom from a certified online vendor.

Other common ingredients that can be found in kratom energy shots include L-Theanine, Boswellia, Passionflower, Vegetable glycerin, plus, unnamed natural and artificial stabilizers.

 Are Liquid Kratom Shots Dangerous?

Because Kratom is not regulated by the federal government, not all kratom you can buy online or at a store is safe. This also means that not all kratom cultivators, processors and sellers operate under Good Manufacturing Processes and standards set by the American Kratom Association (AKA). Only buy kratom online from AKA certified vendors, like Oasis Kratom. We follow every guideline and GMP to bring you lab tested and certified products that are only the best 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

kratom extract drinks

What can Liquid Kratom Extract Do for You?

Referred to as concentrates, extracts or liquid kratom, this form of kratom, no matter what you call it, is the most potent and easy to use. 

Other Grab and Go Kratom Options

There are more options when it comes to convenient kratom, while you’re out and about be sure to try some of the trendiest kratom products. 

Kratom Gummies

With so many different flavors to try, and so fun to use, quality kratom gummies are fan favorites amongst kratom users and are usually available in places where you can find other kratom products. Oasis has a variety of flavors including Tangerine, Red Hot Cinnamon, Banana Cream, and Blue Lemonade. Since our gummies are made with full-spectrum kratom, each gummy will also contain 7-hydroxymitragynine. 

Kratom Honey Sticks

Honey sticks are a sweet way to add kratom to your day! Relatively new to the kratom market, these tasty sticks can be enjoyed by themselves or stirred into your favorite hot drink. Look for them at your favorite smoke shop or an herbal shop near you

Kratom Extract Capsules

Another convenient option for kratom on the go is extract capsules. They contain highly potent concentrated kratom powder inside an easy-to-use capsule. You can find them at your favorite convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops, or herbal shops.

kratom tea

More Water-Based Kratom Concentrates

Water-based extracts are kratom concentrates that are available to buy in liquid or powder form. The water-based extracts are made simply by using kratom leaves and water, not alcohol. The extraction method involves soaking kratom leaves in water and letting them sit in a cold dark place for at least one to two weeks until the alkaloids separate from the plant matter.

Brewed Kratom Tea

Brewing kratom leaves is the easiest way to make kratom concentrates at home, and with a very simple process. All you need is dried kratom leaves or powder, water, a pot, and a stove and this little-known secret to preserve the teas potency, apple cider vinegar.

To brew the perfect kratom tea, follow these two easy steps.

  1. Simmer water just below boiling point. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar, then turn off the heat. Add your kratom leaves or powder to the water and let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. The apple cider vinegar ensures that the beneficial alkaloids do not break down due to heat. Pro tip: If you don’t have apple cider vinegar you can use lemon or lime juice, too.
  2. Before you have your tea, add a dash of baking soda to neutralize the acidity of the vinegar. Enjoy as it is or add honey to make it sweet. Be sure to stir your tea continually to allow the alkaloids to mix well with the water.

Kratom Resins

Kratom resins require a more intensive extraction process to produce top-quality high alkaloid concentrations.

The process starts with kratom leaves, water, and acid. The blended mixture is frozen and allowed to rest overnight. After, the frozen mixture is put in boiling water and allowed to simmer. The liquid made from this process is then baked at low temperatures until a tacky consistency is achieved.

People like kratom resin because it is versatile, add it to beverages, or mix it with food. Only use resins sparingly because they contain higher concentrations of alkaloids.

But What About Kratom Tinctures?

Kratom tinctures are commonly processed using an alcohol base. Kratom tinctures follow the same process as water-based extracts, However, you use high-proof ethanol (80% to 99% alcohol concentration) instead of water. The best way to use kratom tinctures is through sublingual administration (placing the tincture under your tongue). Dropper bottles work well with tinctures because the droppers make it easy to dispense. You can learn more about kratom tinctures here.How Much Liquid Kratom Concentrate Should You Take?

Factors such as tolerance, how it’s being used, as well as the strain of kratom you choose will affect the results of your experience. Liquid kratom concentrates are way more potent than regular kratom powder. If you’re ready to try kratom consult with your regular physician before you start. They know your past and present medical history and will be able to determine if kratom is right for helping you achieve your overall wellness goals.

How to Store Kratom ?

Always store your kratom in a dark, cool place, away from UV light, humidity, and oxygen. Treat your kratom as you would fine teas. There’s evidence that Kratom, when stored incorrectly, eventually will lose potency.  

Pro Tip: Store your kratom in dark tinted mason jars. The tint provides added protection and helps keep the product as fresh and potent as possible.

So, Which Kind of Kratom is Best: Kratom Extracts or Drinks?

What kratom is best, is really up to you. From maeng da kratom to bali, there are a large variety of kratom strains available in many different forms to try. Liquid extracts are more powerful, k shots and gummies are convenient on the go, and powders are a classic way to use this beneficial herb. There are a few more things to consider before deciding what kratom to use…

Are There Side Effects from Kratom?

When using standard powders alone, some users have reported experiencing nausea due to the high amount of plant matter present in kratom powders. For these individuals, an extract might be the better choice. There is less plant matter in liquid kratom extracts which means less nausea and improved effectiveness for some people

Variety is the Spice of Life

Have you been limiting yourself to one strain of kratom? Have you only tried kratom powders? If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to switch it up. There are many different strains available, each with different benefits. Explore your options and try something new today! We offer exclusive and rare kratom strains that may be difficult to find anywhere else.

Buying the Strongest Liquid Kratom Extract Online

When shopping for kratom online remember not all kratom retailers are created equal. Make sure you are shopping with a company who abides by AKA standards and only sells lab tested, 100% pure Mitragyna Speciosa products. The AKA has put good manufacturing processes (GMP) in place to keep kratom users safe and set quality standards for the kratom you buy. If you are looking for the best prices on kratom extracts, check out our discount and coupons page.

Try kratom extract stress-free, with a moneyback guarantee 

At Oasis Kratom satisfaction is as simple as it sounds. No gimmicks or catch. If you are unsatisfied with the Kratom you receive from us, for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. Have fun exploring kratom strains and happy shopping! 

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