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Best 5 Places to Buy Kratom in Houston

Houston, we have a problem. OK, there isn’t a problem – if it’s where to buy kratom in Houston that you’re wondering about. There are so many places to discover this Southeast Asian herb in the city that you will have no issues finding the best and most convenient place to buy kratom.

Buy Kratom in Houston

Oasis Kratom has come up with this list of the best five places to purchase kratom in Houston, so sit back and enjoy this kratom countdown.

Kratom Shops in Houston

Houston is a large city and because of that, there are many choices. When it comes to kratom, there’s no shortage of vape shops, smoke shops, and tobacco shops to find what you’re looking for.

#1 CBD Kratom

Address: 5535 Memorial Dr. Ste N-1, Houston, TX 77007

Google Rating: 5.0

For many buying kratom in the Houston area, CBD Kratom is the place to go. It pairs an extensive collection of kratom strains for sale with incredible customer service that keeps people coming back time and again. The employees know their stuff and are happy to give you information on the products you’re interested in. The passion of those who run this store is something everyone who walks through the door feels, making it a great option for kratom near you.

#2 Smoke Dreamz

Address: 6447 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77057

Google Rating: 4.5

Smoke Dreamz may not have the largest selection of kratom around, but they do have a healthy number of strains available, including their house blends. It’s also a comfortable place to shop, with employees who know all about the products in the store and are happy to inform you about what they have. They mix high-quality kratom with great customer service – a winning combination.

#3 Pine-Apple Xpress Smoke Shop

Address: 10701 W Bellfort Ave b182, Houston, TX 77099

Google Rating: 4.8

At Pine-Apple Xpress Smoke Shop, you can find a large variety of kratom, CBD, Delta 8, vapes, and more. Their impressive selection of quality kratom is available at a great price and the full-service staff is happy to educate and inform you of the products they have available.

buying Kratom

#4 Smoke Envy Smoke Shop

Address: 2524 Yale St #2, Houston, TX 77008

Google Rating: 4.9

At Smoke Envy, the kratom selection is of great quality and purity. Their employees seem to take the time to learn about the products they have to offer and want to share that knowledge with you to make sure you have the best experience possible.

#5 Highway 6 Smoke Shop

Address: 6810 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77083

Google Rating: 4.2

You can find a variety of kratom strains at Highway 6 Smoke Shop, including some of the most popular strains. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the kratom is top-notch. Also, the employees here are exemplary, never hesitating to provide you with information you need to make the right purchase but still managing to be relaxed and create a low-pressure, relaxed environment.

Other Shops

You can also find kratom in Houston at these other fine establishments:

  • Smoke N Night – 7730 Hwy 6, Houston, TX 77083
  • Clutch City – 3316 Shaver St D, South Houston, TX 77587
  • Still Smokin Smoke Shop – 6359 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057
  • EaDo Glass & Smoke – 1018 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003
  • Smoke Envy – 2524 Yale St #2, Houston, TX 77008
  • EZ Rollers – 11410 Louetta Rd, Houston, TX 77070

Is Kratom Legal in Houston?

In the United States, kratom is legal. It is up to individual states to set the laws and rules in place they want surrounding the purchasing and possessing of kratom. In Texas, kratom is legal but it’s important to understand that it’s not a regulated industry, so changes can happen that impact your ability to buy and possess the herb. Currently, there’s no legislation on the table regarding kratom in Texas, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Buying Kratom Online

Not only do you have this amazing variety of places to buy kratom in Houston, but you have great options online too. Buying kratom online provides a couple of advantages over buying it in person: price and quality.

When you buy kratom online, it’s often less expensive than buying it in shops. This is because the extra costs associated with running an in-person store don’t apply to online vendors. In-person shops must pay employees and rent, even utility bills, but online vendors have none of those costs, which is why they can often pass savings onto you.

Buy Kratom

Another advantage is quality. With kratom being an unregulated industry, in-person stores can vary quite wildly when it comes to purity and quality. Online vendors like Oasis Kratom belong to the American Kratom Association, an organization that works to provide quality and purity regulations to vendors who are associated with it. When an online vendor belongs to the AKA, you know you’re getting lab-tested, quality kratom.

No matter where you choose to buy kratom in Houston, remember that Oasis Kratom is always here to help.

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Updated on June 28th, 2022

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