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A Simple Guide To Red Vein Vs Green Vein Kratom

When you walk into your local kratom store or browse online, you are presented with many different types of kratom – and knowing the differences between them is crucial to making a good choice. Red vs green vein kratom is a topic many people want to know more about.

There are only a few main types of kratom from which all the different varieties of kratom are derived. Green vein and red vein are two of the biggest. What do these different colors mean? Read on to find out more.

Red Vein Vs Green Vein Kratom

Colors of Kratom: An Explanation

No doubt you’ve heard of many different varieties of kratom but one

thing they all have in common is that they are closely associated with a color. Before you can understand the difference between green vein and red vein kratom, you first have to know more about the kratom plant itself.

Kratom, also known by its scientific name of Mitragyna speciosa, normally falls into one of the three main categories: white vein, red vein, and green vein kratom. The color of the vein simply indicates the age of the leaves when they were harvested from the tree.

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Kratom strains that are white veins mean that the plant was harvested early in its lifecycle. The red vein indicates that the plant was harvested when it had reached its full maturity and has been growing for quite some time – meaning that the alkaloids in the leaves have reached their peak concentration. Finally, green vein kratom means that the plants were harvested midway through their lifecycle – right in between the white and red vein kratom.

So why does vein color matter? Because it impacts the ratio of the kratom plant’s alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitragynine. The longer the alkaloids have to mature in the leaves of the plant, the more potent these alkaloids become.

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is a popular kratom strain for beginners because it is right in between white and red in maturity and potency. The most popular green vein kratom strains include:

As mentioned, if you’re new to kratom, then green vein strains are a great place to start. Before making a purchase, you should always consult with your family physician. Also, if kratom is not a good fit for you, your doctor will be able to make other recommendations of supplements that may provide you with the wellness support you are seeking. 

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is harvested from the tree at the height of its maturity. The veins of the leaves are red, which is where the moniker red vein kratom comes from. The dried leaves will then be ground into a fine powder.

People love red vein kratom because it contains more concentrated alkaloids due to its age when harvested. Alkaloids are the natural chemicals found in the plant that is responsible for the effects felt when

used. People love red kratom for a variety of reasons, and there are quite a few popular strains to choose from such as:

Each strain may have a different effect on the user, so it’s something you may want to experiment with to find the right strain for you.

Red Vein vs. Green Vein Kratom: How Do They Compare

You won’t get as much of a pronounced difference between green vein kratom and red vein kratom as you would between white vein kratom and red vein kratom, but there are still differences in the wellness support that each offers. 

It will all come down to your personal preference. You have to understand that what works for you may not be ideal for someone else. For this reason, it may take you a few different strains before you find the support you are seeking. We always ask all of our customers to consult with their doctor before making a purchase. Your physician will know your history and be able to decide if kratom is right for you. 

Both green vein and red vein kratom have remarkable profiles when it comes to alkaloids. You have a lot of different strains to choose from, as green and red happen to be the most popular vein colors. Also, you will have your choice of powders, capsules, and extracts. Most vendors will offer some form of red and green vein kratom. 

Where Can You Buy Green Vein and Red Vein Kratom?

There are many popular vendors of both green vein and red vein kratom out there. Kratom is legal federally, but each state determines the specific rules governing it. It’s a good idea to check with your local city and state laws surrounding the purchase and use of kratom. In most places, you can easily find many strains of green and red vein kratom in smoke shops, tobacco shops, vape shops, and specialty shops. Of course, purchasing kratom online is also an option and one that can save you money.

Online kratom vendors can save you money because they don’t have the expenses that running a physical shop has. You simply want to make sure when choosing an online vendor that they are a part of the American Kratom Association. The AKA is an organization that helps to regulate the kratom industry by ensuring its associates follow regulations they set for quality and purity.

You also should make sure that the kratom you purchase is lab tested. This will ensure you’re getting pure kratom, no matter which variety or strain you end up choosing.

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Oasis Kratom

At Oasis Kratom, we can’t help you decide the winner of red vs green vein kratom, but we can offer you high-quality kratom products in a wide variety to suit your needs. We hope this guide helped you understand the vein colors a bit more. If you have any questions about our products do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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