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What Is A Kratom Concentrate?

Kratom comes in many different forms including powders, capsules, and extracts. While you may have heard the word kratom concentrate this is actually just another term for extracts. It is a liquid form of kratom that is highly concentrated. This means that a little will go a long way. However, there is more about kratom extracts that you need to understand. So, let’s take a close look at this form of kratom and what it has to offer you.

What Is A Kratom Concentrate

What Is A Kratom Concentrate?

A concentrate is exactly what it says. It is a concentrated form of kratom. This is also called an extract. The desired alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) that live within the kratom plant will be extracted. This will either come in liquid form or as a resin.

Kratom concentrates that come in liquid form may be presented as teas, shots, or tinctures. The whole purpose of a concentrate is that you only need a small amount. This allows your products to last longer and allows you to gain the wellness support that you are seeking.
Types Of Kratom Concentrate
Kratom concentrate is offered in different forms. Here we will explore your options when it comes to concentrated forms of kratom.

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Extracts are available in liquids and powders. Both are noted as concentrated forms of kratom. To make a kratom extract the leaves of the kratom plant will be boiled. This will extract the alkaloids and make them a highly concentrated form of kratom. To remove any debris, the solution will be strained. It will then be boiled down a second time. This will result in a thick paste.

Water can be added to the paste to make it into a liquid extract, or the paste can be dried and made into a powder. A lot of people will make their own extracts. It allows their products to last longer.


Tinctures are created in a different way than extracts. Kratom leaves or powder will soak in an ethanol and water mixture. Citric acid can be added to help preserve the mixture. The mixture should be placed in a sealed jar where it can be shaken periodically.

It should be stored in a dark and cool place for the next several weeks. During this time, the alcohol will absorb the alkaloids within kratom. The solution will be strained to take out any large particles left in the mixture. Tinctures will be thicker than liquid extracts. This makes them easy to use with a dropper.


Kratom shots are relatively new to the market. These shots have a water-based extract. Most kratom shots will also contain other ingredients which may include L-Theanine, Boswellia, and Passion Flower. Be cautious where you buy kratom shots from, as you want to ensure 100% Mitragyna speciosa is used and not some type of synthetic form of kratom.


Kratom tea can be brewed by using dried leaves or powder. It will all depend on what you have access to. If you live in a large city you may even find it on the menu at some smoothie bars. Tea is a favorite form of kratom. However, please always consult your regular medical physician before purchasing kratom. You never want to take a new herb without ensuring it will not interact with your current medications or medical conditions.

Why Try Kratom Concentrates?

Kratom concentrates offer different types of support for kratom users. Concentrates are consistent in their potency. Kratom users tend to choose concentrates because a little goes a long way. This means that they get the most out of their kratom products. Plus, tinctures typically have droppers in them, which makes them easy to access.

A lot of people prefer concentrates because they are not bulky to travel with. Powder and capsules will require you to take along a big container, whereas a tincture or liquid extract will be in a small bottle.

Having consistent potency means that you will know the type of support you will be getting. This is a huge deal for some kratom users, so this is one reason why they choose concentrates over other forms of kratom.

Identifying Kratom Extract Vs. Powder

If you are new to kratom you may have a hard time identifying all the available different types of kratom. You want to ensure that you work with reliable kratom vendors who provide clear labeling on their products. You do not want to guess what you are purchasing. So, if you are buying an extract it should be labeled as an extract.

If you are unable to tell the difference between powder and extract powder you should confirm with the vendor. You want to be certain what you are purchasing because concentrated forms of kratom will require much less of the product to be used.

Working with a trusted vendor will be very important no matter what form of kratom you are looking to purchase. You want to be able to ask the vendor questions about their products and receive the answers that you need.

Understanding The Ratio

You may notice that concentrates are labeled a bit differently than other forms of kratom. Kratom extracts often have a ratio. For example, you may find that the label says 2:1 or 2X. This simply means that the extract when compared to the same amount of powder contains 2 times the potency due to the active ingredients. This results in having smaller amounts of a concentrate to get the same wellness support that is offered by a regular powder.

Just be aware that this ratio could be present on an extract you are looking to purchase. Most people get hung up on it and confused, but it’s simple to understand. It is a basic ratio to let you know how much stronger the concentrate is compared to regular kratom powder.

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Here at Oasis Kratom, we have taken the extra steps to ensure we are providing the best kratom products in the industry. We adhere to all GMP regulations and are an active member of the American Kratom Association. You will find that we offer powders, capsules, and extracts. This allows you to choose a product that will suit your needs. When it comes down to powders vs concentrates it is a matter of personal preference. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of kratom concentrates.

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