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The Ultimate Guide for Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom has seen a boost in popularity. While yellow kratom is considered a rarity, it has grown in popularity among consumers and vendors alike. Even though you may have noticed yellow kratom while browsing kratom websites, you may not be sure exactly what it is.

There are three main types of kratom: red, green, and white. Therefore, it may seem confusing to see where yellow kratom fits in. That being said, this rare and somewhat new type of kratom has been steadily taking over the market.

The Ultimate Guide for Yellow Vein Kratom - by Oasis Kratom

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In order to understand yellow strain kratom, it is beneficial to understand how kratom is classified. Kratom is a type of tree that is closely related to the coffee tree. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom actually has many strains and different varieties. The kratom tree also originates from different locations, which influence the variety and strain. These differences are partially due to the isolation of the islands of Southeast Asia, which creates unique ecosystems.

With many different isolated climates, three different strains of kratom have developed; these are known as white vein kratom, green vein kratom, and red vein kratom. The color classification depends on the difference in the coloring of the vein and stem of the leaves. Even so, there are different types of kratom strains. These strains are usually named based on where they were grown. The main locations that kratom comes from are Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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Yellow kratom has been growing in popularity on the market, which has led many to wonder what exactly yellow vein kratom is. While yellow vein kratom is popular among consumers, it is actually considered a rarity and can be difficult to find. In recent years, there has been a lot of debate surrounding the origins of yellow kratom. There are several theories floating around about where this kratom strain originated from. One of the main theories is that yellow kratom is made by mixing the three different kratom strains together. The blend is then fermented, which gives it a yellowish tint.

However, the most common theory surrounding yellow kratom’s origin is that it is created via a specialized drying process. For the various kratom colors, the drying process plays a large role in what the final color is. Drying times influence the depth of color. Whether the kratom is dried indoors or outdoors can influence the coloration, as well. This means that all three types of kratom can become yellow kratom if the drying process is used properly.

Red vein kratom leaves dried for extensive periods of time—longer than usual—can see their leaves turn yellow. When green vein kratom and white vein kratom are dried outdoors, their leaves may also turn yellow. This is typically done outdoors in the sun, as opposed to inside. These leaves may or may not be fermented after they are dried. These processes change the alkaloid content of the leaves, in addition to the color. Some strains of yellow kratom are rarer than others due to the tree’s original location or the processes needed to create the strain.


Yellow vein kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is part of the coffee tree family. This type of tree is native to countries like Indonesia and Asia. The environment of these countries is hot and humid, providing perfect conditions for the kratom leaves to be harvested. The tree requires this type of environment to produce the best product. The islands of Southeast Asia are known for having isolated ecosystems, which is why there are variations in the types and strains of kratom.


Harvesting can be done in a variety of different ways and may depend on the kratom farm. When the leaves are ready to harvest, the farmer removes the leaves from the tree. A farmer may choose to dry out the leaves by hanging them outdoors, which allows the sun to speed up the drying process in a natural way. On the other hand, the farmer may place the leaves on racks to help them dry. Sunlight changes the chemical composition of the leaf, including the alkaloids that are present. By adjusting their drying techniques, farmers can have control over what strain they harvest.

There is another process that farmers can use to change the chemical composition and color of the kratom leaves: fermentation. Although the leaves are typically left in the sun to dry, they are not with fermentation. The farmer needs to trap moisture to start the fermentation process; leaves are usually put in a bag so that moisture is trapped. The leaves can be kept in the bags for varying amounts of time, depending on what strain the farmers aim to create.


Yellow kratom is considered one of the rarest varieties of kratom. Although popular among consumers, it may prove to be challenging to obtain. Still, there are online kratom vendors that have started offering more variety for their customers.

  • Yellow Sumatra Kratom – Yellow Sumatra kratom is known by both vendors and consumers as one of the rarest strains of kratom on the market. It is challenging to obtain because there is a small quantity of Sumatra kratom trees available.
  • Yellow Borneo Kratom – Borneo is made by using green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom from Borneo.
  • Yellow Malay Kratom – This type of yellow kratom originates from Malaysia.
  • Yellow Bali Kratom – This type of yellow vein kratom is made using white and green Bali kratom leaves.
  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom – As its name suggests, this type of kratom is from Vietnam. This strain is relatively new to the market. It is suspected to be one of the most potent strains. Yellow Vietnam kratom comes from the dense and humid forests of Vietnam, where the soil is nutrient-dense.

Check out our blog to learn more about various kratom strains.

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Kratom is available in several different forms. Since yellow vein kratom is difficult to come by, it may be challenging to find yellow vein kratom in anything other than raw powders. However, some vendors have begun offering consumers more options. As the demand for yellow vein kratom increases, the supply must match the need.

  • Yellow Kratom Powder: Powder is the most common form of all types of kratom—and yellow vein kratom is no exception. If a farmer wants to create a powder form of kratom, they need to dry the leaves by hanging them in the sunlight. These leaves become dry and crunchy, which allows them to be ground down into a powder. Check out our blog where you can find tips on how to make kratom tea.
  • Yellow Kratom Extract: Extracts of different types of kratom are typically used in liquid forms; these include resins, oils, and tinctures. Extracts are uncommon and may be difficult to find, as many vendors do not supply them.
  • Yellow Kratom Capsules: Capsules follow powder forms in terms of kratom popularity. Capsules are typically found wherever powder kratom is. Capsules are designed for quick absorption. They will come in a bottle and will be easy to take along with you. Capsules and powder tend to be the number one choice for most kratom users.


Kratom products can be found online through various vendors. If you seek out kratom online, even if you look for wholesale kratom, you should make sure you do your research. You want to make sure that you purchase from a reputable vendor that sources its products properly. Oasis Kratom is a retailer (and wholesaler) that prides itself on delivering the highest quality kratom powder on the market. Their years of experience, as well as extensive testing, have made them leaders in the industry. Check out our blog where you can read more about the differences between kava vs kratom.


Oasis Kratom is a proud member of the American Kratom Association, also known as AKA. This organization was established in 2014 and is fully committed to helping consumers understand and access Kratom with ease.

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