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Understanding Bali Kratom 

Bali kratom is a type of herb found in Indonesia. Specifically, kratom is a leaf that grows on an evergreen tree. The scientific term for kratom is mitragyna speciosa, and it’s a common strain found all over the world. Growing up to 49 feet tall, it’s a special herb that contains unique chemical makeup. While herbalists love to use it, it’s worth noting that Bali kratom does differ depending on the color of the veins of the leaves.

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What Do the Different Colors of Kratom Mean?

When kratom grows in the hot and humid air of Indonesia, it will be harvested at one of three stages of its life. These life stages show themselves in the form of colors, and each color impacts the body differently. Now, it’s essential to understand the entire leaf won’t change colors. These leaves don’t function like your typical leaf, and it’s the veins that you have to focus on.

The veins in the leaf are what change colors, and this changing of color signifies a different number of alkaloids in comparison to other colors.

So, the leaf starts off life with red veins. The veins are found running through the course of the leaf and shouldn’t be hard to spot. The red veins indicate that the leaf is in the infantile stages of life, so make sure you’re looking for this type of alkaloid mixture instead of something a little more mature. Once removed from the tree, the leaf will not grow, and it’s only a matter of time before it withers and dies.

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With this in mind, let’s say you want to wait a little bit. Instead of red vein kratom, you want green vein kratom. If this is the case, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your veins. They may change quickly, so be sure to stay vigilant and check the veins every day if you’re harvesting.

Next, you may want a supremely mature kratom leaf. White Bali kratom is the most popular of the three predominant colors, and it’s not hard to find.

However, you may want to try and buy the elusive fourth color. A kratom leaf’s veins will rarely turn golden/yellow, but it is possible. Each vein color contains a unique alkaloid mixture.

It’s commonly reported that red Bali kratom contains more alkaloids than the other colors. It contains more 7-Hydroxymitragynine than the green, white, or gold-colored leaves.

Consider the red, green, white, and yellow colors that don’t have to stay separate from one another. Indeed, harvesters combine them to create even more strains of kratom. This can occur with any type of kratom, and Bali is no exception. If you find that Bali itself isn’t getting the job done, you can always look for a hybrid strain.

These hybrid strains take the characteristics of two different strains and meld them into one. It’s best to do some research and figure out which two you would like to try if a hybrid strain is something you’re thinking about. These strains should be relatively easy to find, and there are many strains available that combine Bali with other types of kratom. Talk to your general physician before pursuing this.

With all of this knowledge in mind, how does Bali kratom get harvested? How does it go from a leaf on a tree to an herb in a store?Bali Kratom

Harvesting Bali Kratom

Once the farmers have chosen the color of leaf they want, it’s now time to harvest them properly. There are a few ways this can be done, and it entirely depends on what the harvesters have in mind when it comes to their kratom leaves.

First, you can harvest Bali kratom by merely picking the leaves off the tree and shipping them out. Odds are that, if you’re not directly harvesting them on the farm in Indonesia, you’ll never see them this way. Instead, you’ll come into Bali kratom through the most common form: powder.

The farmers take industrial grinders and mash up the leaves into a fine powder that’s fit to ship. This powder is especially popular and is easily the most recognizable form of kratom around the world.

However, there are a couple of other ways in which Bali Kratom can be harvested. Both strategies offer a unique take on the leaves and are used to manipulate the alkaloid count within them.

First, the farmers will hang the collected leaves. This process dries them out and allows the sun to work its magic. Once the sun hits the leaves, the alkaloid count changes. Thus, you can single-handedly manipulate which type and strain of kratom you are creating. A handy strategy, it’s a common practice that all farmers participate in.

If the farmers don’t hang the leaves out to dry naturally, they will place them on a drying rack. This ensures that the leaves don’t blow away. Either way, the leaves are getting baked by the sun in a process known as “curing.”

Now, there is a technique known as “shade drying” that some farmers will employ. This strategy involves keeping the leaves in the shade instead of placing them in the sun. It is used so that the farmers can keep the alkaloid count of the leaf the same. If they know they have a Bali strain of kratom and want to keep it that way, this is an excellent technique to use.

Besides shade drying, the kratom leaves may also be fermented. This involves tossing the leaves into a bag and letting them collect moisture. Once again, the alkaloid count is the main focus of this practice.

Once all this has been completed, the leaves are moved to a shipping port where they are shipped to stores around the globe.

How Does Red Bali Differ From White Bali?

The differences in the colors hearken back to their maturity levels. For instance, you may want a young leaf. A young kratom leaf’s alkaloid count will be vastly different from a mature leaf. This difference impacts how the user responds to the kratom. The red-veined Bali may feel drastically different from the white-veined Bali. They can give you an idea of what to expect from the kratom, depending on which color you’ve chosen.

Does Bali Kratom Contain Caffeine?

No, Bali kratom does not contain caffeine. Many customers around the world have this same question, and the answer is a definite no. Bali kratom leaves consist of an alkaloid known as mitragynine. Some people may mistake this for caffeine, but the two are entirely separate. Also, it doesn’t matter what color the veins of the leaf are. Whether you have red Bali, green Bali, white Bali, or yellow/gold Bali, the mitragynine is still there. It may be there in varying amounts, but it’s still present.

What Forms Does Bali Kratom Come In?

Like other types of kratom, Bali kratom comes in many forms. For starters, you have kratom powder. This powder is the most common form of the kratom sold, and some say it’s the easiest to ingest. All you have to do is gather the correct amount and pour it into the water, mix it up, and drink. Since it is a powder, it tends to work a lot quicker than other forms of kratom.

If you are looking for a more simplistic form of kratom you could try capsules. The capsules contain powder in them and are perfect for anyone who prefers a more traditional approach. There are also extracts you can try, as well. Kratom extracts are a liquid, and this is the most impactful way to ingest Bali kratom in terms of potency. You can also try a tincture, which is similar to an extract.

Is the Bali Kratom Tested Before It’s Sold?

Yes, the kratom that is shipped from Indonesia and Bali goes through a rigorous testing process. The kratom leaves are tested over eight times to ensure that they are of the best possible quality they can be. They are tested for things like pesticides and alkaloid count. 

How is the Kratom Shipped?

Typically, the USPS is more than happy to ship kratom right to your doorstep. While UPS is also an option, the primary carrier of kratom (especially in the U.S.) is the USPS. Of course, shipping will highly depend on the vendor you buy your kratom through. Check their shipping guide to find out the methods of shipment that they use.

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Bali Kratom Can Change Your Life for the Better

Bali kratom is an excellent herb that contains many unique and positive properties. Whether you ingest it via powder, a capsule, tincture, or extract, there’s no doubt that Bali kratom can provide an overall balance to your life. Even if it’s red, green, white, or yellow, remember that each color brings with it a distinctive genetic makeup. And, as always, make sure you consult a general physician before use.

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