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The Best Sumatra Kratom Strains 2022 Update

The Sumatra Islands are well known for their versatile landscapes. It contains tropical forests along with rugged volcanoes. The soil is rich in nutrients that are needed to produce high-quality kratom. Sumatra Kratom is sought after because of its diversity. They offer a load of support without being overpowering. shop kratom

Sumatra is located in Indonesia, which happens to be the largest exporter of kratom products. However, Sumatra is not the only popular kratom strain that comes from this area. You will find many more kratom strains that have originated from Indonesia, such as Indo and Bali. Below we will walk you through everything you need to know about Sumatra Kratom. This will help you make the best decision on rather or not this is a strain you want to try. 

What is Sumatra Kratom?

Sumatra Kratom is like any other strain. It grows on the Mitragyna speciosa trees and when it’s ready to be harvested, farmers will pluck the leaves by hand and leave them out to dry. There are various drying methods, which can have a direct effect on the alkaloid content. Farmers will select a drying method based on the type of kratom that they are trying to create. 

Sumatra kratom is offered in all vein colors, which we will go over below. Kratom users tend to have a favorite vein color, which helps them decide which strains to try. The vein color is based on the maturity of the leaf at the time it was harvested

The Effects of Different Kratom Types

When it comes to effects, only your doctor can give you direct advice. They spend years in school to obtain their degree and they are the only ones you should trust. No vendor should be making recommendations or discussing the benefits or side effects of kratom. 

If you are interested in trying kratom, make an appointment with your doctor and review the strains that you are interested in. If your doctor is not highly familar with kratom, it will be a good opportunity for them to research and learn more. Then they can help make recommendations on what strains will suit you best. 

Also, your doctor knows your past and present medical history. So, they will know which strains may give you the support you are seeking. If they feel kratom is not a right fit for you, they will be able to make suggestions on other herbs that may help you obtain your wellness goals. 

Oasis Sumatra Kratom Strains

In this section, we will go over the various Sumatra Kratom strains that you will find here at Oasis Kratom. If you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder

Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder is the rarest of all the Sumatra strains. It does not occur naturally but is a product of a specialized drying technique. Not all farmers can achieve yellow vein kratom, so this strain is not available from all vendors. However, it is a strain that we stock regularly here at Oasis Kratom. 

White Sumatra Kratom Powder

White Sumatra Kratom Powder is created with the youngest leaves. It offers subtle support compared to the other vein options. However, it does offer the support that many avid kratom users are seeking. So, it is a popular option in the kratom industry. 

Green Sumatra Kratom Powder

Green Sumatra Kratom Powder is created with leaves that are at the midpoint of their life. This strain is known for its balanced support. It comes down to your personal preference, which means that you may have to try several different strains before finding the right one. 

What is Green Sumatra Kratom Used for?

We can not answer this question. This is a question you will need to review with your physician. They will guide you on the various strains and how they can benefit you.  

What is Red Vein Sumatra Kratom

Red Sumatra Kratom Powder is created using red vein kratom. This type of kratom is made from the most mature leaves and will offer the most robust support. 

What Does Red Sumatra Kratom Do?

Again, when it comes to how kratom can help you and the support it offers, this is something you need to consult your doctor for. No vendor should be offering this type of advice. Only a licensed professional can give you this type of advice. 

Buy the Best Sumatra Kratom Online buying Kratom

Here at Oasis Kratom, we are a part of the American Kratom Association. This means that we comply with all GMP regulations and also lab test all of our products. In return, we can offer the highest quality kratom that the industry has. We offer a long list of strains, which includes Sumatra Kratom. If you have never tried this strain, we encourage you to add it to your cart now! Choose the vein color that best suits you and step through the checkout process. If you have any questions along the way, just let us know. 

Best of all, when you shop with us, you can buy a product based on your needs rather than a price tag. All of our powders and capsules have consistent pricing. So no matter what strain you choose, you will pay the same price. This makes it easy for our customers to try new strains as they wish. 

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