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Ultimate Guide For Buying and Planting Kratom Seeds

If you are a kratom enthusiast you may be looking to save a few bucks by planting your own kratom seeds. These seeds can be purchased through a variety of vendors online. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before planting Mitragyna Speciosa. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about buying and planting kratom seeds

ultimate guide for buying and planting kratom seeds-oasis kratom

Please note kratom is not used to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use.

Benefits Of Planting Kratom Seeds

Growing your own kratom will supply you with a wealth of benefits. You will personally know the product and the quality level that it contains. Plus, growing your own kratom plant can save you money on products. You will also gain an inside look at the growing and harvesting process of kratom, which is interesting and rewarding. 

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    Is It Possible To Grow A Kratom Tree From Seeds?

    If you are new to kratom, you may be apprehensive to take on growing your own plant because you simply do not have a lot of knowledge about kratom and what it needs to flourish. However, kratom is like anything else that you grow from a seedling. It will take time and dedication to help your seedlings form into flourishing trees. 

    Plus, kratom is native to South Asia and nearly impossible to grow in other areas of the world. So, you will need to proceed with knowledge and caution. Seeds will begin to lose their viability as soon as they leave the tree. A lot of seeds will die while being transported to a retailer. Therefore, if you are dedicated to growing kratom you will need to have patients and be able to put in the time it takes to give this plant what it needs to thrive. 

    The soil will need to be nitrogen-rich, and kratom thrives in warm climates. In addition, you will want to have the proper fertilization, water, and adequate time to care for your kratom tree. Because there are no guarantees that a kratom plant can thrive outside of South Asia, many people shy away from even trying to grow this herb. 

    What About Purchasing Kratom from the Natural Source?

    You have another option that may work better for you. You can buy Mitragyna Speciosa from a source within the country where kratom is native to. However, this is a rare option in today’s world. Plus, it would require that you research to see how they live tree could be shipped from the source country. 

    While the thought behind bringing a live tree over to America from a South Asia country sounds cool, the reality is there are so many legal stipulations surrounding this type of export. You have to remember that kratom is not favorable in all places throughout the United States, which would also be an obstacle in getting your live tree to your location safe and sound. 

    Where Can I Buy Kratom Seedlings?

    Typically, kratom seeds are not something that you will find at a local store. So, you will have to turn to an online source. Just make sure when buying seedlings online that they are fresh and not dried out. Kratom seeds have a higher success rate when they are planted within a few days from leaving the parent tree. So, it may be difficult to find someone who is offering express shipping to ensure your seeds are fresh. 

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    Planting Kratom Seeds

    The viability rate of kratom seeds is about 20%, and not-so-fresh seeds come in at about 10%. You will want to plant at least 5 to 10 seeds per pot. The seeds are light and have a good possibility of pollinating within the region. 

    The planting process includes:

    • Placing 5 to 10 seeds per pot.
    • Cover with a thin layer of fertile soil.
    • Water regularly.

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    The best germination of the seeds is within a few days after they have been separated from the parent tree. Kratom seeds need to be viable to thrive. This is why dry seeds that are purchased online often do not succeed. In addition, due to the low germination rate, there will be a small percentage of seeds that make it to a fully grown tree with alkaloid-rich leaves. 

    Here are some things to consider when planting kratom seeds at home.

    • Have a go at growing your favorite strains but keep in mind that fresh seeds will provide you the biggest success rate. It may take hundreds of seeds before you see one that is sprouting. 
    • Choose an area that is moist, fertile, and has good drainage. 
    • Try to provide lighting conditions that mimic the rainforest. The area will need to have adequate sunlight to keep the seeds warm. However, the sun should not be so hot that it is drying out the soil. 
    • A gentle breeze will help enhance the alkaloid production within the plant. So, the spot that you choose should receive a good amount of wind. If your spot is lacking in wind, you could offer the plant a light breeze by using a fan. 
    • The plant needs an appropriate amount of fertilizer and plant food. This is especially important early on in its life. 
    • Have patients, as it will take a long time for your plant to develop into a fully grown tree that produces leaves that can be harvested. 

    Checklist Of Requirements

    Here is a checklist of the things that you will need to grow your kratom seeds:

    • Seeds - An adequate amount of seeds. Remember you will plant a lot but only a few will actually sprout. 
    • Sunlight - Your plant will need a good amount of sunlight, but not so much that it is causing the soil to dry. 
    • Temperature - You need warm temperatures, as kratom plants are used to tropical regions. The optimal temperature for growth is between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    • Soil - The soil needs to be rich in nutrients, humus, and nitrogen. It should be moist with good drainage. Never let the soil get too dry. If the area is too damp a fungus could grow and kill the plant. So, adequate water is important. 
    • Food - Kratom plants are heavy feeders. Once the plant begins to sprout you have overcome the toughest part. 

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    Can Kratom Seeds Grow In U.S. Climates?

    There are varying climates throughout the United States. There are a few areas that can support the growing conditions that kratom plants need to thrive. These regions include places like Florida and the Gulf coast. These areas are known to provide tropical-type weather. When wanting to cultivate kratom, these are the ideal areas to try. 

    However, be aware of all the legalities that surround kratom. You must comply with state laws and regulations. Check out our legality section to learn more about what areas kratom is legal in. 

    While planting kratom seeds may sound like an interesting journey. It may prove to be easier to buy your favorite blends online. Here at Oasis Kratom, we offer high-quality kratom capsules and powder. We are a part of the American Kratom Association, which means you are buying from a trusted source. If you have any questions please let us know. 

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