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A Comparison of Red Maeng Da VS Red Borneo Kratom

There are many different kratom strains on the market for you to choose from. So, it may be hard for a newbie to kratom to know where to start. Red tends to be one of the most popular. It is known for its potency levels and overall wellbeing that it provides. In this guide, we will discuss Red Maeng Da vs Red Borneo.

A Comparison of Red Maeng Da VS Red Borneo Kratom - by Oasis Kratom


Maeng Da translates to Pimp grade and is well known in the kratom community. This strain is mitragynine dominate and originates from Thailand. The kratom community knows this strain as one of the strongest kratom strains on the market.

Red Maeng Da Kratom is created through a grafting process. This is where tissues of different plants are joined together to create a new plant strain. This is why Red Maeng Da is known as a super form of kratom. It possesses properties from other strains as well. Giving it a complex and potent alkaloid profile.

The leaves are shaped like a horn, and this strain has been used for centuries in Asian culture. This strain is known as Pimp grade, which donates it as being high in quality. Red Maeng Da is a rare strain, as it is a hybrid of other red-veined kratom strains. The leaves are green in color and transform from dark green to a red tone. The color of leaves is often influenced by the weather during the time of harvest.

The red-veined leaves are mature when harvested. Kratom farmers are careful to keep the leaves from mixing with others near a different strain. Once they are harvested, the leaves will be dried, ground into a powder, and packaged for sale.

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Red Maeng Da Origins

As mentioned above, Red Maeng Da was first created through a grafting process conducted by skilled kratom farmers. Its origins are somewhat sketchy but it is said that Red Maeng Da kratom was first discovered in Thailand. Throughout Southeast Asia, you will find that Mitragyna speciosa trees grow naturally. These trees thrive in a tropical climate. So, with the knowledge of grafting Red Maeng Da was born.

Red Maeng Da Vein Colors

While we are talking about Red Maeng Da it is also interesting to note the various colors that this strain is available in. So, Maeng Da can also be found in green and white vein varieties. Green Maeng Da is very popular. However, red has been deemed as the most potent of the three. It is a favorite among kratom enthusiasts. Also, people who use kratom have noted that Red Maeng Da provides long-lasting support.

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Red Maeng Da Aroma

Red Vein Kratom powder is known for its coffee-like aroma. It is worth noting that Mitragyna speciosa trees are closely related to the coffee plant. So, this may be the reason why different strains have a coffee undertone.

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Red Maeng Da Forms

You can purchase Red Maeng Da in powders, capsules, or extracts. There are other kratom products on the market but these tend to be the most popular forms of kratom.

Comparison of Red Maeng Da VS Red Borneo Kratom-oasis kratom


Red Borneo Kratom is another popular strain on the market. Kratom is most often characterized by its vein color and where it originates. So, with Red Borneo, it is easy to conclude that this strain comes from the islands of Borneo.

Red Borneo is known to grow along the water edge, and some suggest this provides more potency to the alkaloid content within the leaves. It is a popular brand that can be found through a wide variety of vendors online.

When comparing Red Maeng Da vs Red Borneo it is easy to see that both red strains appear to be similar. However, it is the alkaloid makeup that provides the varying support that each offers. In most cases, kratom users should go off their personal preference when choosing a strain.

Remember, kratom is not used to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use.

Red kratom is known to be mature when harvested. It is the drying process that will enhance the alkaloid content and give the strain the unique wellness properties that it possesses.

Red Borneo Origins

As mentioned above, this strain comes from the large islands of Indonesia known as Borneo. This island is also responsible for other popular kratom strains such as Red Indo Kratom, Horned Kratom, and Hulu Kratom.

Red Borneo Vein Colors

Borneo is offered in red, green, yellow, and white vein kratom. They all offer different levels of wellness support, but their origins are the same. Red still tends to be the most potent out of all the vein colors for this strain.

Red Borneo Aroma

Most kratom enthusiasts enjoy the pleasant aroma of Red Borneo. It has been described as an earthy smell with undertones of cut grass.

Red Borneo Forms

Red Borneo comes in capsules, powders, and extracts. While there are other products on the market, these happen to be the most popular forms of kratom.

Red Maeng Da VS Red Borneo

When it comes down to Red Maeng Da vs Red Borneo it is a personal preference. Both are known for their high levels of alkaloids, as they are mature strains of kratom. Each comes in capsules, powders, and extracts. You can typically find both brands with any reputable vendor. All kratom users need to make their own decision when it comes to selecting one strain over another.

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