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Marijuana Legality By State

Just like kratom, marijuana is another herb that has a lot of legal issues that surround it. Marijuana legality is a question of which state you are in. Each state has its own laws regarding this herb, so it is important that you understand them.

Marijuana Legality By State

Research has proven that marijuana does have a medicinal purpose. This has caused the laws surrounding marijuana to change drastically. Here we will give you a rundown of each state and the legal status of marijuana for medical use and recreational use.

Marijuana Legality By State

In this section, we will go state by state so you can understand the marijuana laws and what is legal in your area. It is so important that you know the laws in your state before making a purchase. If you do not comply with these laws you could face criminal charges. Ones that could follow you for the rest of your life.

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StateLegal StatusMedicinalDecriminalizedLaws
AlabamaMixedYesNoState Laws
AlaskaFully LegalYesYesState Laws
ArizonaFully Legal YesYesState Laws
ArkansasMixedYesNoState Laws
CaliforniaFully LegalYesYesState Laws
ColoradoFully LegalYes YesState Laws
ConnecticutFully LegalYesYesState Laws
DelawareMixedYesYesState Laws
District Of ColumbiaFully LegalYesYesState Laws
FloridaMixedYesNoState Laws
GeorgiaMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoState Laws
HawaiiMixedYesYesState Laws
IdahoFully IllegalNoNoState Laws
IllinoisFully LegalYesYesState Laws
IndianaMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoState Laws
IowaMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoState Laws
KansasFull IllegalNoNoState Laws
KentuckyMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoState Laws
LouisianaMixedYesYesState Laws
MaineFully LegalYesYesState Laws
MarylandMixedYesYesState Laws
MassachusettsFully LegalYesYesState Laws
MichiganFully LegalYesYesState Laws
MinnesotaMixedYesYesState Laws
MississippiMixedYesYesState Laws
MissouriMixedYesYesState Laws
MontanaFully LegalYesYesState Laws
NebraskaFully IllegalNoYesState Laws
NevadaFully LegalYesYesState Laws
New HampshireMixedYesYesState Laws
New Jersey Fully LegalYesYesState Laws
New MexicoMixedYesYesState Laws
New YorkFully LegalYesYesState Laws
North CarolinaFully IllegalNoYesState Laws
North DakotaMixedYesYesState Laws
OhioMixedYesYesState Laws
OklahomaMixedYesNoState Laws
OregonFully LegalYesYesState Laws
PennsylvaniaMixedYesNoState Laws
Rhode IslandMixedYesYesState Laws
South CarolinaFully IllegalNoNoState Laws
South DakotaMixed*YesNoState Laws
TennesseeFully IllegalNoNoState Laws
TexasMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoState Laws
UtahMixedYesNoState Laws
VermontFully LegalYesYesState Laws
VirginiaFully LegalYesYesState Laws
WashingtonFully LegalYesYesState Laws
West VirginiaMixedYesNoState Laws
WisconsinMixedCBD Oil OnlyNoState Laws
WyomingFully IllegalNoNoState Laws

Why Do Marijuana Laws Matter To Kratom Users?

Kratom is not legal in all areas. Some states have legalized

marijuana but do not allow kratom. So, it may serve as a good alternative when looking for something similar to kratom. We are in no way comparing the two. We are just suggesting that marijuana has served as an alternative to kratom. 

With any herbs, you will want to consult your medical practitioner before use. You never want to take something that could interact with the current medications you are on. If kratom or marijuana is not a good solution for the wellness support you are seeking your physician will be able to offer you some alternatives.  

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Laws Are Always Changing

Because the laws are always changing it is important that you conduct your own research. If you are unsure about a specific law you need to seek the advice of a lawyer. They will be able to guide you as to what the law means. Understanding the marijuana legality will help you know if you can purchase this herb in your state. All online vendors will comply with state laws.

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