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How Long Does Kratom Stay Fresh?

Avid kratom users like to buy powder in bulk. However, the big question is, “How long does kratom stay fresh?” Kratom can stay fresh for 1 to 3 months if stored properly. It is recommended that you use your products within the first month that you purchase them. Many factors go into keeping your kratom fresh, so let’s explore them.

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How Long Does Kratom Last?

Buying a large quantity of kratom can be an excellent way to save money if you are an avid user. However, the worry about buying large kratom is how long it will stay fresh. Even with proper storage, kratom may only keep its optimal freshness for 1 to 3 months. This would be where the kratom has its highest potency levels.

Kratom has many active alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. For these alkaloids to remain potent, proper storage is required. Kratom use is prevalent in Southeast Asia but is relatively new in the United States. However, the methods of storage used in Southeast Asia are the same as the ones you would want to practice here in the United States.

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How to Store Fresh Kratom Powder Correctly

There are three enemies regarding kratom, light, oxygen, and moisture. Mitragynine, the active alkaloid in kratom, does not favor these things. These are the things you will want to avoid to help ensure the freshness of your kratom. Let’s take a deeper look at all three separately.


Kratom does not handle light very well. You will want to keep it out of sunlight and UV light to keep it at peak levels. So, you would not want to store it on a window ledge or a table that will receive direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause the potency of your kratom to diminish very quickly.

To help keep your kratom at its optimal freshness, you will want to store it in a dark spot in a pantry or fridge. Having your kratom in a dark place will protect it from light. You can use your kratom and put it back daily to ensure it is not overexposed.

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Kratom can not handle the air. Oxidation will decrease your product’s shelf life massively. If the aroma or color of your powder changes, then it may be due to oxidation. You will never want to take products that have changed from their original appearance or smell. To minimize air exposure, ensure it is stored in an air-tight container. Vacuum-sealed containers are ideal. Never let your kratom be exposed to air for a longer period than what is necessary.

Here are some other options when it comes to kratom storage:

  • Mason jars containing a rubber-seal lid
  • Food-grade vacuum-seal packages
  • Air-tight containers


Moisture can wreak havoc on kratom products. When the powder is introduced to moisture, it can grow mold. When this occurs, you will have to throw out your entire lot. To help avoid moisture, store your powder in glass jars or air-tight containers. Use a scoop that is dry when measuring out your kratom.

How Long Does Kratom Last in Your House?

If you have a variety of kratom strains in your home, then preparing an area and containers to store your powder is a good idea.

Buying Storage Containers

Figure out how many kratom strains you will need to store. This will help you know how many containers are needed before your delivery arrives. Kratom can be stored in grade-food plastic bags but will not last as long as in glass jars or containers.

Plus, these types of bags will easily let light in. You could keep your kratom in the resealable bags they are delivered in. These bags are made to store kratom efficiently and keep out sunlight.

However, if you are buying a large amount of kratom, you will want to break it up so that your whole stash is not exposed to the air every time you open the container. Glass tends to be even better than plastic. This is because plastic can alter the chemical composition of your kratom.

Label Each Jar Correctly

You must consider various factors to ensure you give your products the best chance at maintaining optimal freshness.

When buying in bulk or storing several strains, correctly labeling your products will be necessary. Ensure you accurately label your powders in the storage containers you place them in. You will want to include the Kratom strain and brand. In addition, you will need to date when the package was opened and the best use-by date.

It will be vital that you replace the labels with each new batch that you store. Always include accurate information so that you can track the freshness of your kratom. The shelf life of kratom is typically one month. You will want to use your products accordingly to ensure they do not expire. Also, use the FIFO method. This will keep your oldest kratom packets at the front of the line and keep you from storing your products too long.

Preparing Storage Area

It does not matter if you store your kratom in a pantry or a fridge. You will want to dedicate an area to store your herb. Remove other items from the area, wipe it down thoroughly, remove all moisture with a fabric, and leave it to aid dry. Kratom will last longer when stored in a cool and dark area. So, fridges are ideal.

Keep Packet Intact Before Use

Make sure you only open one packet of kratom at a time. You do not want too many products opened simultaneously, as the quality will diminish. Use a dry scoop, place the rest of the powder in your jar or storage container, tighten the lid, and place it in your pantry or fridge.

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Oasis Kratom

We hope we have answered your question, “How long does kratom stay fresh?” It will all depend on the way you store it. However, remember that using your product within the first month of opening is best.

Ensure you practice proper storage before kratom use. The active alkaloid mitragynine needs to be stored correctly to provide optimal potency levels. Check out our range of kratom products, which includes powders and capsules. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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