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Club 13 was founded in 1999 and has been serving the kratom community for over two decades. They are one of the oldest vendors within the industry, if not the oldest. A company that has been in business for this long is doing something right.

The founders were passionate about the kratom plant years before most people in America even knew what it was. They traveled to Indonesia to get hands-on experience with the plant in its natural habitat. Relationships were formed with local farmers, who in turn educated the founders on how to cultivate and harvest mitragyna speciosa. These relationships were the precursor to procuring the supply chains necessary to sell the best and most authentic product.

This company has its corporate headquarters in St. Augustine, Florida. This is where shipments are made from as well. There is a Club 13 smoke shop in Kentucky, but it seems to be unaffiliated. This vendor, like most, runs purely off of their e-commerce site. Their website is sleek, professional, and current with modern design trends. They also have a regularly updated blog that covers educational topics useful to their target customers. These factors help foster a sense of trust with their audience.

American Kratom Association Accreditation

Club 13 is not accredited by the American Kratom Association. This is very strange considering this company has been around for nearly 15 years before the AKA was even formed. Theoretically, this company should have been blazing a path for kratom advocacy that the AKA could have picked up and followed.

Instead, this company is not listed as a member of the AKA good manufacturing process standards program. They are not even listed under the companies who are in the process of getting approved. What makes this even more strange is this brand emphasizes on their website that every batch is tested by a third party and that their processes are GMP compliant.

In other words, it seems like they are complying with all of the necessary conditions to be approved by the AKA, yet haven’t sought official approval. This is a slight red flag because, without the AKA approval, there is no one to verify this company is as committed to safety and quality as they say.

As an approved vendor of the American Kratom Association, we can only recommend fellow AKA-approved vendors. We take our commitment to the kratom industry seriously.

Product Range

Club 13 Vendor Review

Club 13 has over 50 separate kratom product listings, which is a decent amount, but their categorization leaves much to be desired.

Since they sell other botanicals besides kratom, they lump all of their kratom offerings under one category. There is categorization by capsule, powder, and extract, and within those vein colors, but it is hard to find. The sidebar style of categorization takes away from the user experience.

With that being said, here are the strains this company offers in powder form:

They also sell another brand of kratom, called three-leaf, in the Maeng Da strain for all three varieties.

Their Horn kratom is only sold in a red and green blend. Finally, they have a connoisseur blend that is a creation of their own making.

Club 13 has the Maeng Da strain available for capsules in the red, green, and white varieties. They also have extra strength Indo in white. In gold, they have regular and enhanced Kali, as well as Kali + vitamin C.

This brand sells its connoisseur blend in regular strength and extra strength capsules. Both of their Horn blends come in capsules as well. The final item for sale on the capsule front is a kratom plus CBD blend.

All extra strength strains are enhanced with the extract. This brand also sells pure extract in capsule form. They have liquid extract available in single-serving shots.

One unique thing about this company is they sell 3.75-gram sample packs for all of their strains. These only cost a few dollars and truly let the customer find the strain they like without wasting money.

In addition to kratom, Club 13 also sells CBD. They sell hemp flowers, tinctures, gummies, sanitizers, and e-liquid.

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Club 13 sells their kratom powders in 30 g, 90 g, 150 g, and 1 lb increments. Pretty much all of the strains are different prices, with only a couple of strains having the same price range.

The cheapest strain is the Red Bali and it ranges from $10.25 for 30 g to $90.20 for a pound. The most expensive in-house strains are the Horn and connoisseur blends. They start at $20.50 for 30 g and go to $128.13 for a pound.

The Three Leaf brand of kratom comes in ¼ lb, ½ lb, and 1 ¼ lb increments. The price ranges from $26.55 to $87.13.

Club 13’s house-branded capsules come in 4, 10, 25, 50, 120, and 275 capsule increments. Red Bali is once again the cheapest strain. The price ranges from $2.56 to $102.48. The most expensive regular strength in-house strains are the connoisseur and horn blends. The price ranges from $5.13 to $161.95. The enhanced capsules range from $6.13 to $146.58.

The Three Leaf capsules come in 50, 120, and 275 capsule increments. The price ranges from $18.39 to $73.78. The “alkaloid enhanced” capsules come in packs of 2 and 6. They cost between $16.30 and $40.49.

The pure extract capsules come in increments of 4, 10, 25, and 50. The price starts at $12.17 and goes to $102.50.

The 3.75-gram sample bags range from $1.78 for the cheapest strain to $3.08 for the most expensive strain.

This company’s prices are quite expensive. Even if the product is top quality, there is no reason to pay as much as they charge. For comparison, Oasis Kratom offers AKA-approved products for $79 a kilogram. That’s almost 2.5 times the product and it is $11 cheaper than their cheapest pound.

User Opinions and Customer Service

Club 13 hardly has any reviews on their website. This is very strange for a company that has been in business for over 20 years. It is possible that they lost some reviews in a recent website renovation, but it is highly unlikely. They also have no TrustPilot page.

The conversation on Reddit is not very positive. Many reviewers said their first time ordering from them would be their last. Some were unsatisfied with customer service, while others were not happy with product quality.

Club 13 Coupon Codes

Club 13 currently has a couple of active coupon codes. One is for 17 percent off your entire purchase. The other one is for 5 percent off of your total.

On their site, you can save 5 percent off on orders over $200 if you enter the code “daily deals” at checkout. This company is one of the few that has a loyalty program. You earn a point for every dollar that you spend.

Refund Policy

Club 13 has a page for their refund policy, but it takes you to a product page when you click on it. This could be an unplanned glitch. Even if it is, it reeks of unprofessionalism to have this type of error. It also makes the prospective customer trust you less, and trust is an important factor in this industry.

It can be assumed that they have some sort of refund policy, but it is currently impossible to know what it is.


The shipping page for this brand also doesn’t work. Their homepage does have a banner that says to be patient and expect delays due to overload at the USPS. They also offer free 3-day shipping on all orders.


This brand certainly is one of the most mature in the kratom industry. They must be satisfying a majority of their customers if they are still in business after two-plus decades. With that being said, there are not many reviews singing the praises of this company. The few reviews that do exist are mostly average to underwhelming.

Club 13 has prices that would be steep even if they were approved by the American Kratom Association. Browse our shop for a better selection of kratom at way better prices.

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