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Top 5 Best Kratom Forums

Kratom is not the sort of herb that you can find a lot of scientific research on. This is mainly because of the legal issues that surround kratom and the bans that have occurred. This has put a halt to research and has left kratom users turning to others for sound advice. While you should never take the advice of another kratom user as safe, you may be looking to converse with like-minded individuals about your favorite herb! Here we have collaborated on the best kratom forums for you to follow. 

Best Kratom Forums

Again, while these forums may be helpful you cannot take advice from another kratom user as safe. Be certain that you consult with your physician before starting any new substances. They are the only ones who can legally give you advice on kratom. 

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Best Kratom Forums

There are lots of forums on the internet so you may not know where to start. You want to join platforms that will help you understand kratom to its fullest. Check out our list below and let us know if you have a favorite kratom forum that we should add to our list. 

American kratom association

#1 American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is probably one of the best resources on the internet for kratom. This organization has taken action to help fight against kratom bans. They have also taken the necessary steps to help improve the kratom community. The AKA put in place GMP regulations for vendors to comply with. These have helped improve the kratom that is coming to market. 

In addition, the AKA is working to get all states to accept the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will address issues such as age restrictions. It will also help eliminate the need for kratom bans.

When it comes to forums, the AKA is the best resource to keep up with the legalities of kratom. They are on top of the laws, which is very helpful for kratom users. You never want to be caught with kratom in an area where it has been deemed illegal. This would lead to criminal charges that could follow you for the rest of your life. 

In general, the American Kratom Association is a spot that all kratom users should visit. They have the latest industry news, and one of the largest communities for kratom users to converse about their favorite herbs. This forum has one of the biggest followings with its audience spanning worldwide. 


  • Join: https://akachat.discussion.community/
  • Best For: Those looking to find the latest news on legal issues surrounding kratom. 
  • Pros: This forum is a great place for kratom users to come together to discuss and gain answers to their questions. This forum is geared towards protecting your privacy and also gaining access to the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Very diverse audience, which caters to avid users and beginners. 
  • Cons: The only con you may find with this group is there are a lot of legalities being spoken about. Some may seem a little over your head and daunting but the group as a whole is the best place to look when it comes to legalities. 

Reddit Kratom

#2 Reddit Kratom

Reddit is known as one of the best kratom forums because this platform allows users the chance to join very niche-specific topics. Reddit is notorious for its interaction among patrons. You will find a diverse crowd here that is more than willing to help you with your inquiries about kratom. 

You will find a wide variety of topics surrounding kratom including legal status, strains, suggestions on products, discussion of vein colors, and much more. With the help of the Reddit community, you will be able to source the answers to all of your kratom questions. 


  • Join: https://www.reddit.com/r/kratom/
  • Best For: This forum is great for those who wish to stay anonymous while gaining some answers to your kratom questions
  • Pros: Reddit is very respectful to their patron’s privacy. You can easily navigate through various topics and join in on discussions as you wish. 
  • Cons: All the advice is anecdotal on this forum. You will not find any influencers from the industry to help answer your questions. While this may not be a huge deal please be cautious with the advice you do take from users on this forum. 

My Kratom Forum

#3 My Kratom Forum

My Kratom Forum does not have as big a name as the American Kratom Association or Reddit. However, it has quickly gained popularity among kratom users. You will find a variety of topics being discussed here. The atmosphere is chill and friendly. You do not have to worry about being a newbie to kratom. All types of kratom users are welcome to this forum. 

The fan base for this forum is not as large as others. However, this may be a bonus for some kratom users who are trying to keep it low-key. Patrons on this forum are very friendly and willing to give their help. 


  • Join: https://mykratomforum.com/
  • Best For: Users who are wishing to keep their kratom usage under wrap. 
  • Pros: The forum is run by a group of kratom enthusiasts who are diverse and willing to help. You can join in on conversations or choose to join and start your own topics. 
  • Cons: The community is small with only a few thousand members. However, it is new and still growing. 

I Love Kratom Forum

#4 I Love Kratom Forum

This forum is a hub for all things kratom. You will find a wealth of information here. They have a blog that is active and filled with helpful topics. They also have a legality section where you can get the latest news on kratom laws across the country. 

Navigation on this forum is super easy. The layout may be one of the nicest that we have seen when doing our research on forums. It is very easy to find what you are looking for. Signing up is a breeze and you can get started right away with exploring topics to get the answers to your questions. 


  • Join: https://www.ilk.co/community/i-love-kratom-forum
  • Best For: Great for those who generally love kratom and want to share that love with others. 
  • Pros: This forum is filled with friendly patrons who are willing to converse with you on any topic surrounding kratom. 
  • Cons: The community is quite large and may feel intimidating to some who are just starting with kratom. 

Double M Herbals

#5 Double M Herbals

This forum is great for those who are wanting to get right to the point. If you do not want to mess around but want a direct answer to your kratom question this is a great place to do that. While the platform is open to all herbal topics, kratom has been a hot topic here for some time. 

It has a large audience and more than 2,600 open topics for you to take part in. While this may seem daunting to newbies, this is a haven for those seeking an answer. This forum also goes the extra mile and provides its patrons with a list of authentic kratom vendors.


  • Join: https://www.doublemherbals.com/
  • Best For: Those looking to get answers to their kratom questions. 
  • Pros: It’s a friendly community-spirited atmosphere. 
  • Cons: This platform is not as intuitive as other kratom forums. 

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Final Note

We hope our list of the best kratom forums helps you find a place where you can converse with other users. It is great to be able to talk with those who have used kratom and see what their experience is. However, as we said before, never take their advice as safe. 

You need to always check with a medical professional before you start any new herbs, supplements, or dietary changes. Just remember, the people in these forums are there to give you support but that support is not medical advice. It is simply providing you with the experience that they have had with kratom. 

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