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A Comparison Of Indo Kratom and Bali Kratom

Kratom originates from various Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is growing in popularity in the Western world, but all kratom is still produced in Southeast Asia. While there are a variety of strains on the market, today, we will take a closer look at Indo kratom and Bali. These two strains are offered in various vein colors and are loved by kratom enthusiasts. Let’s dive in and see how these two strains compare. 

indo kratom vs bali

What Is Indo Kratom?

Indo-kratom gets its name because this strain originated in Indonesia. The naming characteristics of kratom help users easily identify the various strains on the market. Indonesia happens to be the largest export hub for kratom. This is because some Asian countries have banned kratom. Leaving those countries that have not banned kratom with a market full of promise and possibilities. 

Indo has a distinct alkaloid profile that is heavily sought after by kratom enthusiasts. It offers the overall wellness support that users are seeking. The Mitragyna speciosa trees thrive in Indonesia. These trees grow along river banks and in the forest. Skilled farmers will be able to identify them easily. The kratom plant is closely related to the coffee plant. It has been used for centuries in cultural ceremonies and social settings. 

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Kratom plants flourish in Indonesia because of the acidic soil filled with minerals and nutrients. Many people wonder if growing kratom in the United States would be possible. While you can try, you will never have a very high success rate. It would be challenging to grow kratom outside of its native country. 

While you may think all kratom strains are similar, this is untrue. Each strain has a different alkaloid profile. Some are more subtle, while others are very robust. This allows the user to determine what kratom strain is best for them. While there are loads of Indo strains on the market, they will all offer something different. 

Types Of Indo Kratom

As you know, kratom is offered in various vein colors. Below you will discover the different types of Indo Kratom available on the market. 

  • White Indo Kratom – The kratom leaves will be harvested early in the leaf’s life cycle, giving this kratom strain a more subtle alkaloid profile. 
  • Red Indo Kratom – Red vein kratom comes from the most mature leaves, which provide a robust alkaloid content. Red Indo is highly sought after because of its robust support. 
  • Green Indo Kratom – Green vein kratom will be created with leaves at the midpoint of their life cycle. Green Indo is an excellent choice for those who are looking for support that is in between red and white. 
  • Super Indo Kratom can come in red, green, or white vein varieties. The word “Super” indicates that this kratom was created using the largest leaves. Giving the strain a robust alkaloid content. It is well known for its high concentration levels. 
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom – The highest quality leaves will enrich this strain with high alkaloids. All vendors do not offer this type of Indo. It requires an extra step for processing. 

What Is Bali Kratom?

Bali kratom originated from the Bali islands in Indonesia. This is a prevalent strain of kratom. Once the leaves of the Bali plant have reached the proper maturity, they will be crushed into a powder. This is the powder that is then sold on the market. The powder can also make other kratom products such as capsules and extracts. 

It is offered in red, white, and green vein colors. This type of kratom provides well-balanced support that is highly sought after. That is the main difference between kratom strains- the alkaloid content. Each varies in the alkaloids they offer and the support you will receive. You will find Bali kratom offered in powder, capsules, and extracts.  

Types of Bali Kratom

There are 3 different types of Bali offered in the kratom market. We will discuss each below. 

  • Red Bali Kratom – This type of Bali is created with the most mature leaves. Once the plant reaches the right maturity level, skilled farmers will pluck the leaves and leave them to dry. Kratom enthusiasts tend to turn to Red Bali because of its robust alkaloid profile. 
  • White Bali Kratom – This strain of Bali is created using young leaves. They will provide more subtle support than red or green. However, it is welcomed by the support that many users are seeking. 
  • Green Bali Kratom – Green Bali is created with leaves at the midpoint of their life cycle. So, it will be a good mix of alkaloids. It is not as robust as red but not as subtle as white. Some users say it’s the perfect mixture of both.

Indo Kratom Vs. Bali Kratom 

Both Indo and Bali are well-known in the kratom world. You will find both of these strains being offered by most kratom vendors. When it comes to differences, it comes down to the chemical makeup of each strain. You will find they offer different support. 

As far as which is better, that is a personal preference. Before starting any kratom strain, you must consult with your general practitioner. They are the only ones who can legally advise you on kratom. It will all depend on why you’re taking kratom and which strain best suits you. 

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Kratom Pricing

Pricing for kratom will vary among vendors. However, here at Oasis Kratom, our kratom is priced consistently the same—their price ranges from $15 for 60 gms to $79 for 1 kilo.

Oasis Kratom

We offer the highest quality kratom that the market has to offer. Many strains are here on our site, including Indo and Bali. While you can choose from many different strains, be sure you find one that suits your specific needs. We hope this article has helped you understand Indo-kratom and Bali more efficiently. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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