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Does The Military Test For Kratom?

Does the military test for kratom? The military has a strict stance on kratom as it is not approved by the FDA. Due to the FDA’s disapproval, all active military member is prohibited from using any products that contain kratom. Kratom may be considered an herb but it is on the OPSS list of DOD-prohibited substances.

Military professionals can be prosecuted for using or processing illegal substances. In 2009, 15 Navy Seals were punished for having a substance known as Spice, which is an alternative to marijuana and is offered in Japan. The list of prohibited substances includes kratom and if active military personnel is caught with this herb, they will face charges.

Does The Military Test For Kratom?

Does The Military Allow The Use Of Kratom?

In 2014, kratom became illegal for service members. While civilians are allowed to use kratom, military personnel may face judicial action if caught with this substance. Kratom is known as an intoxicating substance to the Military. While there is a major lack of research surrounding kratom, the military typically only allows substances that have been approved by the FDA.

At this time, kratom is not allowed in the military. There is hope in the future this may change but the FDA would probably need to give its approval of this herb before the military would ever consider allowing its use.

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    Does The Military Test For Kratom?

    Kratom is not the sort of substance that is going to pop up on a regular DoD drug test. It would have to be added to the test to see if a person had it in their system. However, kratom is part of the Defense Department’s prohibited substance list meaning kratom should be a part of their drug screening process.

    At the moment, kratom is illegal for any US Army and Navy personnel. However, it has not been deemed an illegal substance by the Marines. At this point, the military will test for the following substances: amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, opiates (i.e. heroin or morphine), and PCP.

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    It is still unclear as to rather or not the military has a test that will screen for kratom. However, we do know that kratom would need to be added to the list of drugs being tested for, as it will not show up on a standardized drug test.

    In 2017, the military did announce that they would be screening active military personnel for several drugs. This expanded the drug screen to 26 different types of drugs, but kratom was not listed as one of them.

    Kratom is the sort of substance that not a lot of people know about. Which means they could be tested for it and just not aware of it. Since kratom is an opioid receptor antagonist there is a possibility that the kratom alkaloids could be flagged as an opioid. This tends to be truer for the indole alkaloid Mitragynine, which happens to be the most prevalent alkaloid in kratom. There is speculation that active members of the military will be screened for kratom at some point.

    Is There A Drug Test For Kratom?

    At this point, there is no specific test that will screen for kratom. This is mainly because most people are still unaware of kratom and the support it can offer. This in part is due to the lack of studies on kratom.

    Kratom has been criminalized all over the world, yet there is not a drug test in place to detect kratom. That seems a bit odd because if kratom was as bad as they make it out to be, they would be able to detect it in a person’s system.

    However, we are not far off from a test being created that will detect kratom in your system. These tests will more than likely be added to military drug screens since the use of kratom is prohibited.

    You also need to keep in mind, the more drugs that are screened for the more expensive the test will be. So, many employers will not be willing to add additional drugs to their screening. The military, however, will probably make it a standard when drug testing their active military personnel.

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    Can Kratom Drug Test Generate A False Positive For Opiates?

    Most employers will use a standardized drug test that is conducted through the urine. Urine testing tends to be the most accurate way to test for drugs. A urine test can screen for several prescription medications as well as illegal drugs.

    A false-positive test result will occur when you did not use the drug but the test says you did. If this happens, an individual would need to be subject to the Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry test.

    With a standard urine drug screen, one will not be able to detect Mitragynine and other alkaloids that are present in kratom. A false-positive result will more than likely become present when taking a substance or medication right before the drug screen. This is why you must tell the person testing you about all medications and supplements you are taking.

    It is very unlikely that kratom would ever create a false positive for opiates. However, we never say never! Science is a crazy thing and there is still a lot that we need to understand about kratom. So, the possibility always remains, but the probability is low.

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    While we do not have a direct answer to, “does the military test for kratom?” We do know that it is possible and it will probably be implemented in the near future. The lack of knowledge is the reason why it is not currently offered on standardized drug testing. If the military wants to test for kratom they will find a way. However, it is still unclear rather or not it’s part of the regular drug screens that they conduct.

    We always recommend that you never use a substance if you are worried about it showing up on a drug screen. If you are an active service member then you need to comply with the laws that have been put in place. They have made it clear that kratom use is not allowed, so compliance in this area would be vital.

    As more scientific research is conducted on kratom there is hope that laws surrounding this herb will change. Whether or not those changes would be implemented by the military is something we will have to wait to see.

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