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Smoking Kratom: Can You Really Smoke it?

Kratom traditionally comes in powders, capsules, and tea. Some people have even been known to chew on the kratom leaves, but consumers want to know can you smoke kratom? While you can smoke pure kratom, it is not advised. Kratom can act differently when smoked. In this article, we will get down to the point of why you should avoid smoking kratom.

Can You Smoke Kratom - by Oasis Kratom

What You Should Know About Smoking Kratom 

Maybe you are new to kratom and you’re exploring the various forms of kratom that are available. Perhaps you have been buying kratom capsules or powder for a long time and want to try something new. 

It is possible to smoke kratom but it is advised against for many reasons. Its common knowledge that smoking is not good for you in general. Any time you smoke you are inhaling into your lungs, and it is then carried to various parts of the body. 

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Kratom does not have a lot of clinical trials, which leaves some people with unanswered questions. However, smoking kratom can disturb the way the respiratory system functions. Therefore, users are advised not to smoke. This herb is best utilized in powder or capsule form. 

Think of it this way, smoking in any form is not ideal for your body. You are inhaling a foreign substance into your lungs. Therefore, kratom is no different. Inhaling anything into the body can cause issues. 

Why Would Some People Smoke Kratom?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding kratom, as it is no stranger to the law. While it provides overall well-being, there are many kratom laws throughout the nation at a state level that ban its use. Traditional forms of kratom include capsules, powder, and tea.

However, there are a lot of kratom enthusiasts wondering if smoking kratom is a wise choice. Why? It’s simple really because any time you smoke a substance it takes effect much sooner than taking it through a means of digestion. 

Generally speaking, smoking may allow the substance to take hold within 30 minutes, whereas the digestive system would take up to four hours to fully provide the overall wellness you are looking for. This is one of the main reasons people want to smoke kratom, but it is not worth the long-term damage it could cause to the lungs. 

Smoking causes the capillaries to transport the active ingredients throughout the body and they have a direct line to the central nervous system. This system is in control of how the body reacts to stimuli, and this includes kratom. 

How Does Smoking Kratom Work & Why Is It A Bad Idea?

Kratom originates from Southeast Asia. Here the dried leaves were traditionally chewed or brewed into a kratom tea. Smoking kratom is a rarity. When it was first discovered the leaves would be chewed rather than smoked. People smoke kratom but it’s rare. It is not something that is a normal form of kratom. 

On the flip side, finding dried leaves in the United States is very unlikely. The kratom plants do not naturally grow here. Plus, you would need a lot of kratom leaves to achieve smoking this herb and making it one of the most expensive forms of kratom. 

Some people enjoy smoking kratom powder, but it will require a lot more powder to even be able to smoke. Plus, you would not be getting the right amount of kratom, which is advised against. You should never take a larger dose of any substance than what is listed on the packaging. 

Some people have even tried sprinkling their powder on tobacco or cannabis. This too is advised against because it is not the correct way to take kratom. Any time you go experimenting with any type of herb outside of its recommended use, you run the chance of causing adverse effects. 

Kratom is designed to provide balance and well-being. Overtaking kratom or using it in the wrong way will not allow you to get the positive well-being that it provides. 

Can You Smoke Kratom?

Any substance that you smoke can cause long-term effects on the body. The human lungs are not biologically designed for smoke inhalation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mentions that “Smoking can cause lung issues by damaging your airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) found in your lungs.”

Smoking, in general, can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Those who smoke for long periods of time are at risk of the air sacs in the lungs becoming obstructed. While there are no studies to show the long-term effects of smoking kratom, smoking of any form is generally not good for the body. Smoking kratom will provide different support than other forms of this herb. 

Can You Smoke Kratom Powder?

Pure kratom powder is great for some, but capsules are the most convenient form of kratom. Anecdotal research shows the bitter terpene and chemical profile is strikingly similar to that of an orange peel. 

Powder tends to be the most economical and common method of kratom. Most vendors will also offer this form of kratom over others. So, if you are new to kratom, this method may be a great starting point. Utilizing powder allows you to create your own methods of Kratom such as teas, extracts, or tinctures.

What About Kratom Leaves?

The kratom plant does not naturally grow outside of Southeast Asia. This region has high humidity, rich soil, and tons of rainfall. This makes for the ideal growing bed for kratom plants. Some vendors will offer kratom plants for sale but you have to realize that there is a very slim chance that the plant will survive in the United States. 

You would need to mimic the climate offered in Southeast Asia. Rendering it hard to successfully plant and grow kratom. The leaves are not highly accessible because most farmers will manufacture the leaves before sending them to the United States. 

However, some vendors do have access to kratom leaves. Just be sure that you check that the vendor is part of the American Kratom Association and follows industry standards. You only want to buy from reputable vendors who can supply you with high-quality products. 

Leaves were traditionally plucked from the kratom trees by farmers and chewed as they worked. 

However, kratom trees are not readily available in all parts of the world, and this is why this form of kratom is not as widely popular as others. 

What About Vaporizing Kratom?

So many users are chosen to drop smoking and turn to vape. There are various vape devices on the market including herbal vaporizers. However, it is still not recommended that you try to use a vape to inhale kratom powder or leaves. 

Users should choose a method that is safe and readily available. Kratom is not offered in vape juice form, which is what most people use a vape for. Kratom contains many compounds which will be altered in the process of vaping. It is advised against for many reasons. 

These compounds could be affected negatively and cause massive issues. Only a doctor can give you advice on kratom. So, if you are thinking about vaping kratom, be sure you consult your doctor first. 

Top Kratom Brands

You can smoke kratom but it is not advised. Now that you have the answer to your question it is time to talk about top kratom brands. Most vendors will offer products such as capsules or powder. If you are wanting to try to smoke kratom leaves you may have a hard time finding a vendor who offers fresh leaves. However, a quick google search will more than likely turn up a dozen vendors. But who should you buy from? You want to make sure they offer the most popular strains these would include Maeng Da, Borneo, Dragon, and Bali Kratom. Red Maeng Da Kratom tends to be one of the most popular strains and this is because of its robust alkaloid profile. 

If you are a new user of kratom it is important to find a vendor you can trust. Below are some tips to help you understand what to look for in a vendor. 

  1. Read reviews – Customer feedback is important because it will give you an inside look at the brand and the products they offer.
  2. Contact the company – Be sure to either email the company or phone them to ask a few questions. This will help you see how responsive the company is. 
  3. American Kratom Association – You only want to work with those who are associated with the AKA. This means they follow industry standards.

All the top kratom brands will conduct lab testing on their products. This ensures the products that you are getting are pure kratom and free of all contaminates. 

Why Smoking Kratom Is Not Recommended?

With options such as kratom extracts, why smoke? Research is still being conducted on kratom, but the overall consensus is that smoking is bad for you. The body is not designed to inhale smoke.

If you want to experience kratom and reap all the amazing well-being that it has to offer, then you should opt for the powder or kratom tea. They are convenient and allow you to get the right amount. Only buy kratom from a reputable vendor who conducts lab testing on their products.

Here at Oasis Kratom USA, we are a part of the American Kratom Association. This means that we comply with all industry standards including GMP regulations set by the AKA. You can buy from us knowing you are getting the highest quality kratom that the market has to offer.  

Final Thoughts Smoking Kratom

Smoking kratom is just one of the many forms that users are curious about. This method of kratom is not recommended but this is true for any product. Smoking, in general, is not advised. The body was not designed to inhale foreign substances. Choose a safer method such as powders or kratom extracts. These products are geared to provide you with the daily wellness support that you are seeking. 

Smoking kratom is not advised but if you are going to try kratom in another form be sure you always consult with your family physician. They are the only ones who can advise you on kratom. They can also give you dosing suggestions and make recommendations about various strains. 

Due to the laws surrounding kratom, no vendor is allowed to make such recommendations. Kratom is a natural product, and you want to ensure you are utilizing it safely. Before making a purchase be certain to check out kratom strain reviews and kratom vendor reviews to help you get to know the products and brand. This will give you the best chance to find high-quality kratom offered by a reputable vendor. 

While ancient Asia was known to chew leaves, this is a method that is not widely utilized in today’s society. Kratom powder smoking is not advised, as it is not natural to inhale any type of substance into the body. After all, kratom is well known for its alkaloids. These alkaloids will change depending on the method of kratom chosen. 

So, smoking kratom will alter the alkaloids. This is not looked at as a good thing in the kratom industry. If you want the most from your kratom products be sure to keep alkaloids in mind when choosing a strain. There are many variants of kratom, which allows you to find a product that is geared towards your specific needs. 

There are so many options when it comes to kratom as you have various strains and veins to choose from. This herb comes in red, green, white, and yellow vein kratom. White vein kratom is created with young leaves, while green vein kratom is created with leaves that are halfway through their life cycle. Red vein kratom is created with the most mature leaves, and yellow vein kratom is a product of a specialized drying technique. 

Be sure that you select a product that will cater to your individual needs. There are plenty of other methods to enjoy kratom products such as capsules, extracts, leaves, tinctures, tablets, gummies, and kratom tea.  

There are always going to be some people who are looking for a new and different way to try kratom. This is why questions like this one arise. Remember that just because other people are doing it does not mean you need to. Always choose a product based on your needs. You may not need the same type of support as other people and this is why it is really important that you seek a product for your own support.   

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The point is… smoking any type of product is risky and not recommended. Kratom is no different. Powder in general is not made to be smoked, so utilize methods that are safe and known by others. Smoking kratom exposes other people to harsh chemicals that could be detrimental to their health as well. Second-hand smoke is no joke and the reason why smoking has been banned in almost all public areas. Always be sure you are utilizing products responsibly and not harming others around you. 

Whether you are directly smoking kratom leaves or wanting to put them in an herbal vaporizer, there is no safe way to smoke kratom. It is highly advised against. For more information about kratom and its various uses, be sure to check out our blog. Give us your thoughts on smoking kratom below! We would love to know how you feel about kratom, so be sure to leave us your feedback! 

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