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What Are Kratom Gummies?

Kratom gummies offer a different type of support than capsules or powder. If you are a kratom enthusiast you may want to give these gummies a try. They are packed with robust alkaloids and offer a unique way to experience kratom. Let’s take a closer look at these edibles and what they have to offer.

What Are Kratom Gummies?

Understanding Kratom Gummies

You will find that the market offers all kinds of kratom products. New to the list is kratom gummies. These gummies are infused with 20mg of kratom. They have all the same attributes that are available in powder, capsules, and extracts. It is a new way of using kratom and individuals all over the nation are seeking kratom gummies.

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Typically, the packaging will tell you which strain was used. You may find them in a variety of strains, it all depends on your area and what is offered.

Kratom gummies should never be used without first consulting with your family physician. They will know your past and present medical history and be able to decide if kratom is right for you. If it is not, then they can make suggestions for other products.

Never buy any kratom products without first checking with your physician. The last thing you want to do is have an unnecessary interaction with a product. Kratom gummies are popular at the moment, but not all vendors will offer them.

You want to make sure that you choose a vendor who is associated with the American Kratom Association, as they will conduct lab testing on their products and be able to offer you the highest quality kratom on the market.

You can purchase kratom both locally and online. However, be aware of the legalities in your area. Some areas have banned kratom and all vendors will comply with these laws. So, do not think that an online vendor will ship to you if you live in an area that has banned kratom.

These gummies are infused with kratom, making them a highly concentrated form. This means that a little will go a long way. Be aware of this and know that kratom is different for everyone. Just because a strain or product is providing the support needed to a friend, does not mean it will offer you the same type of support.

The Convenience of Kratom Gummies

If you are used to measuring out kratom powder, you will love the convenience that these gummies offer. You can easily take them on the go with you, and no one will know they are infused with kratom. For those who want to be discreet about their kratom usage, these gummies are a great solution.

Alternative Kratom Products

Perhaps you are new to kratom and you are exploring product options. This is great because the kratom industry is continuously evolving and you want to work with vendors who are constantly adding to their product line. If gummies are not your thing you could try out some other types of kratom including:

  1. Kratom Powder
  2. Kratom Capsules
  3. Kratom Extract Powder
  4. Kratom Liquid Extract
  5. Kratom Tablets
  6. Kratom Teas
  7. Kratom Shots
  8. Kratom Soap
  9. Kratom Insense
  10. Kratom Extract Gummies 

What Are Kratom Extract Gummies?

You may think that kratom extract gummies are the same as regular kratom gummies but they are not. They are made with an extract that comes in a highly potent form. This means that kratom extract gummies are more robust than your normal kratom gummies. So, if you are in the market for a very robust gummy, opt for those that are made from kratom extract. 

Kratom Gummies Wholesale

Are you looking to offer kratom gummies to your customers? Then you have probably googled: kratom gummies wholesale. This will bring up several vendors who offer these types of products, but who is the best vendor to buy wholesale from? If you want to offer potent kratom gummies, then you need to make sure you only work with wholesale vendors who offer quality products. 

Here are some things you should do when looking for a trusted vendor to buy wholesale from.

  1. Product Line – Only work with vendors who offer an extensive product line. This means that you can grow your products as they offer more. You want to be able to get all of your kratom products from one place, so variety is going to matter. Choose a vendor who offers lots of different strains, as well as different types of kratom.
  2. AKA Approved – Only work with wholesalers who are associated with the AKA. This will ensure that the products you receive are meeting industry standards. You only want to offer the best to your customers, so this one is important.
  3. Bulk Pricing – Be sure that the vendor offers a good bulk pricing model that will suit you and your customer’s needs. You want to be able to offer high-quality kratom to your customers at a decent price.  

Kratom Gummy Effects

When it comes to effects we can not offer you any recommendations on products. You need to consult with your family doctor before purchasing kratom. They are the only ones who can legally advise you on kratom. They will be able to make recommendations of strains as well as talk with you about dosing. So, if you are curious about the dose of kratom gummies, you will have to talk with your physician. They also will be able to weigh the pros and cons of taking a natural herb like kratom. 

No vendor is allowed to discuss the effects of kratom. This is mainly due to the legalities that surround this herb. So, if you see a vendor giving you options when it comes to effects, this is something that goes against industry standards. Therefore, it is best to avoid these vendors. Stick with those who comply with regulations and are endorsed by the American Kratom Association. 

What Does Kratom Gummies Taste Like?

A kratom gummy can be flavored with about any artificial flavoring. The vendor is really going to dictate what flavors you have to choose from, but if you have a specific flavor you can always conduct a search using the flavor. For example, you could search strawberry kratom gummies. This would pull up any vendors offering a kratom gummy in strawberry flavor. However, if that flavor is not widely offered, your search results will be filled with vendors who do offer kratom gummies

Popular Kratom Gummy Flavors Include:


  1. Strawberry
  2. Rasberry
  3. Blueberry
  4. Pineapple
  5. Passion Fruit 

Mitragyna Speciosa typically has a very earthy aroma. So, any flavoring would be introduced during the manufacturing process. After all, most people who buy gummies want to enjoy the flavor that is offered. You can always look for gummies that have natural flavoring if the artificial flavoring is something you want to avoid. 

What Does Kratom Gummies Contain?

Kratom gummies are made with all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom). On average, each gummy will contain 10mg of Mitragynine. If the product is a full-spectrum gummy it will also contain 7-hydroxymitragynine. As a comparison, it is important to note that a kratom leaf typically contains 10mg to 15mg of Mitragynine. If you see a product labeled kratom gummies mitragynine then it may indicate it is not a full spectrum gummy. This is not a good or bad thing it just means that a portion of alkaloids was extracted during the manufacturing process. 

If you want a well-rounded and potent kratom gummy, make sure to opt for a full spectrum gummy. Kratom gummies tend to provide long-lasting support and are very potent. This is why many people opt for a gummy over other products. Think about it, each gummy contains 10mg of pure kratom extract. 

Why Does Vein Color Matter?

Maybe you do not know alot about kratom but you are trying to learn. This section was created to help you understand why vein color matters. The leaves of the kratom tree have a vein that runs down the middle. That vein will transform as the leaf ages. 

The vein will start out as white and slowly transform into green as it ages. So, white vein kratom is created from the youngest leaves, while green vein kratom comes from leaves that are at the midpoint of their life cycle. The most mature kratom leaves will have red veins. These leaves are well known for their potency. 

It all comes down to what you are looking for. Keep in mind everyone is different so what may work for one person may not provide the support you are seeking. It may take a few tries before finding the right strain and vein color for you. Just keep in mind that the most potent kratom leaves contain a red vein. 

As far as a kratom gummy is concerned, you will need to pay attention to the strain that is used to create the gummy. This will help you gauge the potency level of each kratom gummy. 

American Kratom Association

You only want to buy from a vendor who is closely associated with the American Kratom Association. We have taken the necessary steps to be endorsed by the AKA. This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality products on the market.

We comply with all GMP regulations and ensure lab testing is conducted on all of our products. As a result, we offer safe kratom products for our customers to enjoy. The AKA is a powerful organization that has made a positive stand for kratom throughout the United States.

Be sure to visit their website and offer your support when you can. They are trying to get kratom bans lifted across the nation, and your support is needed.

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Experience High-Quality Kratom – Oasis Kratom

We do not currently offer kratom gummies, but we do have a large range of kratom powders, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts. If you have questions about any of our products just let us know. We want you to have the best possible experience when shopping with Oasis Kratom. So, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

This article was written to help you get a better understanding of kratom gummies. Check out our blog for more kratom news and to read about your favorite kratom products.


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