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Kratom Extract Powder

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  • 100% free of any additives, fillers, or chemicals
  • Lab-tested to guarantee quality and consistency
  • Sourced according to Fair Trade standards in small batches
  • Imported directly from the finest producers in Southeast Asia
  • Shipped in air-tight packaging to preserve freshness

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Kratom Extract Powder

Kratom Extract Powder is one of the purest ways to take kratom. Our extracts are derived from 100% all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa. Extract powder is more potent than regular kratom powder. This means you can take less of the product. A large amount of kratom leaves is concentrated down to provide a smaller amount of powder following the ratio that is specified on the packaging.

How Is Kratom Extract Powder Made?

While some do not technically consider kratom extract powder to be an extract, it is prepared by soaking the leaves in potent extracts before grinding them into an ultra-fine powder. This type of powder has proven to be more potent than regular kratom powder and is preferred by kratom enthusiasts.

Variety of Kratom Extract Powder

Oasis Kratom strives to provide you with the highest quality kratom extract powder in a variety of strains in vein colors. You will find extract powder offered in red, green, white, and yellow extract powders. If you are looking for a specific strain but do not see it here on our website, contact us. We are continuously updating our offerings and chances are we do offer it but it has not yet been placed on the website.

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is the main advocacy group for kratom across the nation. The industry is not highly regulated, and each state is left to decide how they want to handle kratom. The AKA has been known to step in when there are talks of banning kratom in specific areas. They have been successful in getting many legislations overturned.

Also, The American Kratom Association is making the kratom industry a safer place for users. They have set up guidelines for vendors to adhere to. This means that consumers can buy products and not have to worry about them being fake or laced with contaminants. 

To be a part of the American Kratom Association you must first meet their high standards. Oasis kratom is one of 25 vendors who are registered with the American Kratom Association. When you buy from us you are getting a quality product that has been tested and approved by the industry’s leading organization. 

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1 review for Kratom Extract Powder

  1. robbyvegas44

    Great company! One of the few legit out there! The prices and products are excellent, and extract powder is one of the best. Tnx guys!

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