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Ultimate Guide For Kratom Cuttings

Many kratom users are looking for a way to become more sustainable and grow their own plants. In doing so, they have explored many options such as kratom cuttings and seedlings. In this guide, we will discuss cuttings, what they are, and how you can plant them. 

Ultimate Guide For Kratom Cuttings

What Are Kratom Cuttings?

A cutting maybe a leaf or a twig. It is an actual cutting from a live tree. These cuttings have a better chance of survival than seedlings do. It is mainly because they already have growth on them and give you a better chance at rooting an actual plant. These cuttings will not come with roots, so you will have to take care to get the cutting to root before you plant it. Below we will give you some tips on how to root your kratom cuttings. Cuttings offer you a better success rate when trying to grow your own kratom plant. 

Can You Root Kratom Cuttings?

Cuttings will not come with roots. So, you will need to place them in a bag with rich soil or peat moss. Be sure that it is moist but not overly moist as you do not want fungus to grow. Seal the bag and be sure to keep your plant out of the sunlight until it begins to root. 

You will want to occasionally open the bag to help it get used to lower humidity. Eventually, the cutting will be removed from the bag and introduced into the sun. They are very heavy feeders, so you want to make sure that your plant has all the rich nutrients that it needs. Provide your plant with fertile soil that contains lots of nitrogen. 

Unlike other plants, kratom does not require drainage. They are prone to drought, which means they cannot get enough water. Just be cautious of fungus. 

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How To Properly Plant Kratom Cuttings

Cuttings can prove to be as difficult as seedlings if not cared for properly. Below we will go over the steps of properly planting your kratom cuttings and transforming them into a plant. These steps will help you properly grow kratom without having to worry about germination. 


  1. Place your cutting into wet soil. 
  2. Many people will place them in a sealed bag to help keep the humidity in while trying to root their cutting. These tropical plants enjoy humidity and this can be created with the help of a plastic bag. 
  3. Be cautious, as this warm and moist environment also is prone to fungus. This will hinder your plant from growing. 
  4. Once the roots are ready you will be able to take the cutting out of the bag and place it in a pot of fertile soil. 

How Often Should You Water Kratom Cuttings?

Each day you will need to check on your cutting. Do not allow the soil to get dry, but you do not want it too wet either. Just be certain that the soil is moist. This will ensure that the kratom cutting has enough water to help it thrive. 

Tips For Growing Kratom From Cuttings

There are a few things that are vital to the growth of kratom. You must give it the right habitat to survive in. This requires tropical conditions, moisture, sunlight, and rich soil. Below we will give you some tips to help your kratom cutting thrive. 

  1. Do not introduce your cutting to direct sunlight until it has rooted. 
  2. It takes around 3 weeks for a cutting to gain roots. 
  3. Artificial lighting will help your cutting to root quickly. 
  4. When introducing it to sunlight do it at a slow pace.
  5. Be sure that your plant is given adequate amounts of water each day. 
  6. Check the soil for signs of mold or fungus. 
  7. Be sure to give your plant the nutrient it needs by adding fertilizer to the soil. 
  8. Once the roots have taken place be sure to add them to rich soil. 
  9. Slowly introduce the cutting to less humid temperatures. Going from a bag to an air temperature can prove to be difficult for any plant. 
  10. If growing your kratom indoors you can use a humidifier to help create a tropical environment. 
  11. Covering your plant is advised until it roots. It will not need sunlight until it is directly planted in the soil.  
  12. It may take up to 5 years before you get your first harvest from your kratom plant. So be patient.

Where Can You Find Kratom Cuttings For Sale?

Kratom is not your typical plant. You will not be able to go to your local greenhouse and find it for sale. So, most people will turn to online vendors. However, be aware that all kratom is native to Southeast Asia. So, you only want to work with vendors who get their cuttings from a farmer in this region. Otherwise, your success rate will not be good. Below we have listed some online vendors who offer kratom cuttings. 

#1 Kozy Kratom

Kozy Kratom offers live cuttings for $32.00. Their cuttings are gathered from 5 to 11-year-old stock. This ensures you are getting a cutting that is ready to generate a new tree. Best of all, this greenhouse grows its own stock. So, the cuttings you are getting are climatized to USA weather. 

#2 Kratom Eye

Kratom Eye offers non-rooted cuttings for $20. They offer a variety of strains including Green Elephant, Red Vein Kali, Rifat, Green Malay, Red Vein Thai & BumbleBee. However, they only offer cuttings during the fall and the spring. Each cutting will measure between 2 to 6 inches. 

#3 Kratom Leaf

Kratom Leaf offers its cuttings on a pre-order basis. It says on their website that it takes around 3 to 4 months to process your order. So, if you are in a hurry to plant kratom this may not be the best place to buy your cutting from. Plus, they seem to be a bit pricier than other vendors. Their cuttings will cost you $65. 

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