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Eden’s Ethnos: A Kratom Mystery

Some kratom vendors appear to be mysterious to the outside world while still being transparent enough to give customers confidence in their product. And then there are kratom vendors that are mysterious because you find such conflicting information about them online. Eden’s Ethnos seems to be in the latter category.

Eden’s Ethnos

Here is what we’ve managed to piece together about this mysterious kratom vendor to help you understand if, should you ever come across their products if they’re worth your time and money.

Eden’s Ethnos: Who Are They?

Typically, answering the question of who a kratom vendor is isn’t so complicated, but nothing about Eden’s Ethnos appears to be straightforward. First and foremost, they have no website. The link you can find to their website takes you to an entirely different site, so that is mystery number one.

Mystery number two seems to be whether they are evens till in business. Some third-party reviews seem to indicate they are while others say that they closed sometime around 2017. It’s impossible to know what the answer is since they have no way to contact them. Their social media pages haven’t been updated in years, so we think it’s likely they simply aren’t in business anymore – or if they are they are going by an entirely different name.

What is known is that Eden’s Ethnos was a brand out of San Francisco that sold CBD and kratom products, mainly to headshops as a wholesaler. If you’ve seen the brand around, then this may explain why.

Are They Accredited by the AKA?

As of today, Eden’s Ethnos is not accredited by the American Kratom Association, an organization that exists to help regulate the kratom industry in the United States to help ensure quality and safety. Vendors like Oasis Kratom are accredited and active members of their GMP Standards Program, which requires vendors to follow strict guidelines in the processing and packaging of the kratom they sell. When a vendor is AKA accredited, then you can assume you’re getting pure, quality kratom that has been lab-tested.

It doesn’t appear that Eden’s Ethnos was ever accredited or that they were transparent about any third-party lab testing they completed on the kratom they sold.

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What Products Did They Offer?

This kratom vendor did once have a website where products could be purchased. They sold kratom powders, tinctures, and capsules, but apparently, their website was never very clear about what was being sold or what they had in stock.

What Was the Cost?

You can’t buy kratom from Eden’s Ethnos any longer, so it’s hard to comment on cost. What we dug up was that their prices were average, with a bottle of 30 capsules running the customer about $23.00, just to give you an example.

What Did Customers Think?

Eden’s Ethnos may no longer be around because of its customer reputation. They were not known for quality kratom and many people didn’t like the products they sold. They had a reputation for low-quality kratom products that were often found in headshops. Some customers reported ordering from the vendor and never receiving the products they ordered. It also seems that they were not truthful with customers about refunds. They were not accepting them in preparation for what they believed to be a ban on kratom across the United States at the time.

Eden’s Ethnos Coupon Code

You can no longer find coupon codes for this vendor.

Refund Policy

Since they’re no longer in business, they don’t accept refunds. However, they were not known for having a fair refund policy when they were in business because it apparently did not exist. Oasis Kratom, on the other hand, gives its customers 30 days to return products for a refund.


There’s nothing to be said about shipping from Eden’s Ethnos, but Oasis Kratom offers same-day shipping on most orders received by the cutoff time. Plus, they offer several options for shipping from USPS or UPS to ensure you get your kratom when you want it.

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Eden’s Ethnos is a thing of the past. Truthfully, it’s not unusual in the kratom world for a brand to be there one day but not the next. That’s what sets apart quality vendors from those who don’t focus on quality, purity, and safety.

Check out what Oasis Kratom has to offer in our online store – because we’re still alive and going strong!

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