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Oasis Kratom Extract

What Is Kratom Extract?

Sourced from the lush green trees of Mitragyna Speciosa in Southeast Asia, extracts are a concentrated form of Kratom, a plant known for its unique properties.

The higher levels of active alkaloids make Kratom Extracts special, making them more potent than other products like kratom powders or kratom tea.

Multiple Kratom vendors sell liquid kratom extract on the market, but not all offer quality and reliability. Oasis Kratom is one such kratom brand that offers the best Kratom extracts.

How Is Kratom Extract Powder Made?

The intricate process of crafting high-quality extracts starts with the leaves of the Kratom plant, which are hand-picked and carefully selected for their maturity and quality.

From there, the powder is soaked in a solvent like water to extract the active alkaloids that give Kratom its unique properties. The mixture is then strained to remove impurities, leaving a concentrated liquid behind.

The liquid is then heated and evaporated, leaving behind a thick, paste-like substance that is dried and ground into fine powder.

This Kratom powder is what we know as Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Powder, a highly potent and effective form of Kratom.

Why Choose Oasis Kratom Extract Powder?

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We at Oasis Kratom sell the most premium quality extracts to our customers. However, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can claim a refund and get 100% money back within 30 days of your request.

Fast Shipping

We offer fast shipping options with USPS shipping, so you can get your product delivered within 1-2 days of placing your order.

We also provide same-day shipping on all our kratom orders placed before 3 PM PST from Monday to Friday.

Trusted Reviews

We have hundreds of verified reviews from satisfied kratom vendors and users based on real kratom experience on our review page. So, you can look at them to make an informed decision.

Lab Tested

We take safety seriously, so we get our liquid kratom tested by third-party labs to ensure they meet our high purity, potency, and safety standards.

Customer Care

Our team at Oasis Kratom is dedicated to providing excellent customer support. You can easily contact us via chat, phone, or email from 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

Legal Information

We follow the state's legal criteria to ensure our kratom extracts are 100% legal and safe. You can also read Federal law on kratom and guidelines given out by FDA and DEA to stay updated about the legality and the restrictions it poses in different states.

So, if you are ordering Kratom extracts from us and have doubts about its legitimacy, you can check our Kratom legality page.

Safety Information

We respect our clients' privacy and keep their details discreet with us via SSL technology. You can read our privacy statement to learn more about how we use your information.

Pricing Structure Of Kratom Extract Powder

Kratom Extract Powder (1 gm)- $35

Kratom Extract Powder(5 gm)- $149.00

Kratom Extract Powder (10 gm)- $279.00

Kratom Extract Powder FAQs

Why Is It Important To Buy High-Quality Kratom Extract Powder?

Investing in high-quality kratom extracts powder is crucial to ensure you get the full benefits of this amazing plant. Oasis Kratom Extract is made from 100% organic, high-grade kratom leaves to give you the ultimate experience.

How to Know Your Kratom Extract Powder Is Organic?

To know that your kratom extract powder is organic, check the points below.

  • Third-party lab-tested products for potency
  • AKA GMP Qualified Products
  • Full spectrum alkaloid profile in the product

How Can I Maximize The Benefits Of Oasis Kratom Extract?

A bit of turmeric to our kratom extract can increase its strength and maximize its effects. You can use a tablespoon of turmeric before you ingest Kratom.

How Long Does Oasis Kratom Extract Take to Work?

Our best kratom extract starts working within 20-30 minutes, allowing you to feel its effects quickly and efficiently.

Will Oasis Kratom Extract Powder Make Me High?

While kratom extract may have relaxing effects due to the Kratom alkaloids present in it, it won't make you high.

How Is Kratom Extract Different From Other Kratom Products?

Kratom Extracts are more potent than other products. Since the extract concentration is high, it might also be more expensive than other products available in the market.

Is It Legal To Buy Kratom Extract In My State?

The legality of kratom extracts varies by state, so you should check your local laws before purchasing them. You can visit our blog "Is Kratom Legal In My State? 2023 Update" to learn all about the subject.

Kratom Extract Buyers Guide

Can I Get Oasis Kratom Extract In My State?

We only deliver our kratom extracts to the states where Kratom is legal. You can visit the "Ordering FAQ" section on our site to know whether Oasis kratom extract can be delivered to your state.

How Do I Save Money On Oasis Kratom Extract Purchases?

At Oasis Kratom, we offer loyalty points to our customers, which they can redeem on future purchases. This can help them save money while stocking their favorite kratom strains or products.

What Makes Oasis Kratom Extract Powder Different From Its Competitors?

Our kratom extract powder differs from regular kratom powder and our competitors because of our commitment to quality. We use only the finest organic kratom leaves in our extraction process to deliver a potent, pure product to our customers.

How To Appropriately Use Kratom Extract For Optimum Effect?

You should find the appropriate method that works for you. You can also add kratom extracts to different strains like gold kratom, red vein kratom, or green vein kratom for optimum effects.

Where Can You Buy Premium Kratom Extract? 

You can buy premium kratom extracts from Oasis Kratom. We offer a variety of products, including capsules, and powders, to suit your individual needs.

What Are The Best-Selling Kratom Extract Products Offered By Oasis Kratom?

Our best-selling kratom extract products include Kratom Extract Powder and Kratom Extract Shots. You can also check out our other best kratom products like Bali kratom extract capsules, White Vein Kratom Concentrated Extract etc.

Can I Get Through Airport Security With Kratom Extract?

While kratom extract is legal in most states of the USA, checking airline policies before traveling with it is important.

Will Kratom Extract Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

While kratom use won't make you fail a drug test, it's important to note that some tests may show false positives for opioids. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider if you're concerned about drug testing.


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