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Red Kratom Capsules

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Red Kratom Capsules

Are you new to kratom? Perhaps you have used kratom before but you are looking to change things up. Red Kratom Capsules are loved by avid users because of the robust support that they offer. 

These capsules come in many different strains for you to choose from. Be sure to add your favorite strain to the cart and step through the checkout process. If you have any questions along the way please be sure to reach out to us. 

What Are Red Kratom Capsules? 

Red Kratom Capsules are created using red vein kratom. All kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree is native to Southeast Asia. It grows and thrives in tropical weather, which is prevalent throughout Asia.

You will find kratom trees growing in the forest, but most farmers will cultivate their crops on a plantation. This allows them to provide the kratom plant with everything it needs to produce high-quality kratom. 

The vein down the middle of the leaf will transform as the plant ages. It begins as white and as it ages it will transform into a greenish hue. This signifies the midpoint of the leaf’s lifecycle. 

Once the leaf reaches its full maturity the vein will turn red. Red vein kratom is noted as having the highest concentration of alkaloids including Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The leaves will be harvested and left out to dry. It is during this time that the alkaloids will reach their peak levels. 

Once the drying process is concluded, the leaves will be packaged and shipped to vendors. The vendors will use industrial grinders to process the leaves into a fine powder. This powder can then be sold as is or be used to make capsules, tablets, extracts, or tinctures. 

Red kratom capsules happen to be one of the most popular products in the kratom industry. We offer capsules here on our website in all vein colors including the rare yellow vein kratom. 

A Brief History of Red Kratom Strains

Kratom is not well received in all parts of the world. Some states in America have completely banned its use. Kratom is not regulated by the FDA, so every state and region must decide how they will handle this herb. 

If you live in an area where kratom is illegal, you will not be able to purchase it online and have it shipped to your home. All vendors will comply with state regulations. 

However, there are some alternatives to kratom that you could discuss with your family physicians, such as Kava and Blue Lotus. Never buy an herb or supplement without first consulting with your physician. 

They will be aware of your past medical history and determine if the supplement is a good fit for you. A doctor is the only one who can make strain recommendations and discuss dosing with you. 

Kratom has been around for centuries and has been utilized in many cultures. Currently, Indonesia is the largest exporter of kratom products. 

4 Things to Consider When Buying Red Kratom Powder & Capsules

When you are shopping around for kratom capsules and powders, here are some tips for you to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you are getting the best quality products at a good price. 

  1. Price Check – Be a savvy shopper and always do some price comparison. While you want a good quality product, you do not want to pay over the odds for your kratom capsules or powders. 
  2. American Kratom Association – The AKA is an organization that has set up GMP regulations for the kratom industry. To be endorsed by the AKA, a vendor must comply with all regulations, pass a third-party audit, and conduct lab testing on all products. You only want to work with AKA-approved vendors. This will ensure you are getting safe, quality products.
  3. Lab Testing – Lab testing is one of the most important things in the kratom industry. It ensures that you are getting a product that is 100% all-natural Mitragyna speciosa. We test for several things including salmonella, E.coli, staph, yeast, and mold.
  4. Customer Support – You only want to work with vendors who have amazing customer support. Send out a few questions to the company by email and see how quick they are to respond. Only work with vendors who show care towards you! 

What Red Strains Are The Most Popular?

There are loads of strains available and it may be hard to know where to start if you are new to kratom. Below we will talk about some of the most popular red strains that are offered. 

Red Bali Kratom Capsules

Red Bali is offered in both capsules and powder here on Oasis Kratom. Our capsules tend to be popular among those who are always on the go. If you are looking to save a little money you could always opt to buy Red Bali powder and make your capsules. 

This strain comes from the Bali islands and is created using red-vein kratom. It is very robust in the support it offers and is one of the most popular strains here on Oasis Kratom. 

Red Dragon Kratom Capsules

Red Dragon Kratom is also offered in powder and capsules. The powder inside the capsules has a reddish tent to them. 

This strain is very rich in alkaloids and offers robust support that is typically sought after by avid kratom users. This strain may be a little too robust for those who are just starting with kratom. 

A lot of people compare Red Dragon to Red Thai, as it has a similar alkaloid makeup. The origins of this strain are a bit of a mystery but many people think it started in Thailand. However, this has never been confirmed. 

Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

If you know anything about Maeng Da as a strain you will know that it is highly sought after no matter what vein color you choose. This strain is offered in red, white, green, and yellow vein kratom. 

The word Maeng Da translates to “Pimp Grade” in Thai. Giving the impression that it is a very robust strain. Red Maeng Da kratom has been hailed as one of the most potent forms of kratom on the market. 

Red Borneo Kratom Capsules

Red Borneo originates from the Borneo islands. It is offered in both powders and capsules. It is noted as being one of the most potent kratom strains as well. 

Red vein kratom is created using the most mature leaves. This means that they contain higher levels of alkaloids than other vein colors and is one of the biggest reasons why so many people opt to try Red Borneo Kratom Capsules. 

Red Hulu Kratom Capsules

While we do not offer Red Hulu Kratom Capsules on our website we do offer this strain in powder form. 

Red Hulu comes from the shores of the Kapuas Hulu River. This strain is unique as it is not as widely available as other strains. 

So, if you are looking for Red Hulu you could opt to buy it here in powder form and make your kratom capsules. 

Red Indo Kratom Capsules

As the name suggests, Red Indo comes from Indonesia. It is popular because of its robust support. Also, this strain is noted as being long-lasting. 

Since Indonesia is the largest exporter of kratom, you can imagine that there is no shortage of Red Indo kratom capsules and powder. 

Red Horn Kratom Capsules

Red Horn is very unique. It is created from leaves that have tiny little spikes on them. Some say that this provides uniqueness for its chemical makeup. 

Horn kratom is offered in red, green, and white vein kratom. This strain contains a robust alkaloid profile that includes mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Red Kratom Strains You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Most red strains you have probably heard about because it is the most robust form of kratom. Below we will talk about a few red strains that you may not be highly familiar with. 

Red Elephant Kratom

Red Elephant Kratom has the largest leaves of all kratom strains. This is how this strain gained its name. The leaves mimic the ears of an Elephant. Very large in size and droopy. So, if you are looking for something new to try, Red Elephant Kratom powder or capsules are a great choice. 

Trainwreck Kratom

Trainwreck Kratom is unique in the fact that it is a mix of several different kratom strains. This strain includes Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Yellow Vietnam, White Bali, Green Sumatra, and White Horn.

It is very robust in the support that it offers. So, if potency is something that matters to you, you will want to give Trainwreck kratom a try. Grab it here at Oasis Kratom in powder form. 

Red Kratom Capsules Vs. Red Kratom Powder

It all comes down to personal choice. Capsules tend to be a bit pricier than powder and are the main reason why so many users opt for kratom powder over capsules. 

However, if you live a busy life and are always on the go, capsules are going to be a better choice for you. Capsules allow you to also be decreet about your kratom usage. 

Oasis Kratom – Your Source For High-Quality Red Kratom Capsules

When it comes down to it, you want to ensure you are buying your red kratom capsules from a high-quality vendor like Oasis Kratom. We are a part of the American Kratom Association. This means that we comply with all GMP regulations and lab test all of our products. 

If you have any questions while checking out our website do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our customer support team is always ready to help you! 

Go on and check out our Red Kratom Capsules. Add your favorite strains to your cart and step through the checkout process. Your high-quality products will be packaged and shipped out to you asap. 

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